Check Out This Unique Perspective Of NYC On Instagram

Alexis DeFillippo

Drew Mogenesis, a talented photographer, has a way of displaying New York City in its truest form. From the heartbreaking images of natives struggling to the photos that look down on the city that have the power to alter perspectives, Drew captures it all. His unique style displayed in his work is what sets Drew apart from the rest. Be sure to follow Drew on Instagram to see the rest of his amazing work!

No matter where in the city you may be or what time it is, there will always be a picturesque view.

Perspective is everything, try looking at things from a different angle and you will be surprised at what you find.

Art comes in many different forms and the streets of New York City are brimming with the most unique pieces.

City life can be tough with the fast pace and tall buildings. When you look at it from this angle, everything becomes so small and manageable.

Nature in New York is beautiful and beckoning you to take its picture.

Life can be as dark as it is beautiful.

Every home has it’s own history. In New York, the stories are not only interesting to hear, but interesting to look at as well.

New York City is the best place to reflect upon yourself and figure out who you truly want to be.

New York City is the city that never sleeps, the melting pot of America, and the place to find any cuisine at any time.

New Yorkers are notoriously the toughest out there, but we do have our share of struggles.

By Alexis DeFillippo
Originally from the Jersey Shore, Alexis now lives and attends school in New York at St. John’s University as a Public Relations major. When she isn’t lost in a book, Alexis spends her time baking things found on Pinterest and attending concerts. From Dance Moms to The Bachelor, Alexis is up to date on all reality shows and is ready with an opinion on them at anytime!

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