The Top 10 Restaurants In NYC's Financial District

Kristie Garrell

The Financial District might seem all business, but even professionals need a great place to eat. Don’t fret, this list isn’t full of highbrow dining halls for business meetings. The ‘FiDi’ has a diverse selection of food haunts. From the bustling Stone Street area to the New York Stock Exchange, here are 10 great restaurants tucked between the skyscrapers.

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1. Fraunces Tavern


Fraunces Tavern Museum, New York
Courtesy of Fraunces Tavern Museum
For a taste of history, come to Fraunces Tavern. This museum-restaurant-bar combination serves as a journey into the past, with colonial decor and classic hearty American food. Come for brunch, lunch, dinner, or tapas, and enjoy their wide selection, from small bites to filling entrees like the slow-cooked chicken pot pie. Make sure to stop by the museum; many famous American statesmen have eaten at this tavern, including John Adams, and it’s worth a look.

2. Trinity Place

Bar, Restaurant, American

Lukes Lobster Roll
© Zineb Photography
Trinity Place puts the finance in dining, or rather, the dining in finance. The restaurant is set inside an old bank vault, with the massive vault door wide open, welcoming guests into the dining room. The upscale dining area works for both lunch and dinner, and the prices are actually pretty affordable. Their menu consists of new American cuisine, including burgers and steak as well as pasta dishes and seasonal oysters. If you want a dining experience unique to the FiDi, try Trinity Place.

3. Luke's Lobster

Restaurant, North American, Seafood

Seafood lovers flock to Luke’s Lobster. The location of this well-known lobster roll provider fits in with the riverside area of the Financial District. The owner, Luke Holden, is originally from Maine and wanted to provide a high quality, affordable lobster roll for New Yorkers. The business began in the East Village, but quickly grew, and now you can get a fresh lobster roll in the FiDi. Luke’s sources their lobster exclusively from Maine, so you get the authentic taste without having to travel very far. Grab a lobster roll and head down to the riverside promenade for a marine-themed afternoon.

4. Delmonico's

Restaurant, North American, Steakhouse

Delmonico’s, founded in 1837, claims to be the first restaurant in New York City. This traditional steakhouse is a great place to visit and experience the history of New York. While Delmonico’s is quite expensive, it’s worth it for the quality and the upscale ambiance. For dinner, try the classic filet mignon; customers also rave about the Baked Alaska, so be sure to try it for dessert.

5. Crêpes du Nord

Cafe, French

If you’re craving a nice fluffy crêpe, the FiDi has the perfect place to go. Crêpes du Nord serves sweet and savory crêpes, and they cook them right at the front of the store. For dinner, try the chicken and asparagus crêpe with goat cheese and lemon caper butter. If you want something sweet, they have a variety of fruity and chocolaty crêpes like the classic Crêpe Suzette and the Berry Chocolate with raspberries and Nutella.

6. Mad Dog & Beans

Bar, Restaurant, Mexican

New York Stock Exchange
© FaceMePls/Flickr
Mad Dog & Beans has great margaritas and guacamole, and that’s not all. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or a fun night out for Mexican food, Mad Dog has the perfect menu and atmosphere. During the day, it’s a festive spot for lunch, and at night, the bar is open, and the margaritas flow. Sit upstairs for a more serene evening, right by the kitchen, so you can smell the rice and beans cooking.

7. Burger Burger

Restaurant, Vegetarian

If you’re looking for a quick spot to get a burger, try Burger Burger (their motto is ‘So good we had to name it twice’). They offer daily specials with fries and a drink, as well as burger combinations like the California Burger, which comes with guacamole, crispy fried onions, and chipotle mayonnaise. They also have an excellent veggie burger and amazing curly fries.

8. Adrienne's Pizzabar

Restaurant, Pizzeria, Italian

Adrienne’s Pizzabar might just be the best pizza in the FiDi. There are a few other spots for pizza, but the thin crust pizza at Adrienne’s is undeniably good. If you’re not a fan of the thin crust, go for a salad or an entrée baked in their brick oven, like the classic eggplant parmesan. You can sit outside on Stone Street if the weather’s nice, or in their casual dining room inside.

9. El Toro

Restaurant, Mexican

Fried Chicken Sandwich
Image courtesy of Melt Shop
It might just look like a hole in the wall, but El Toro is a great spot to grab some Mexican food on the go. While this venue doesn’t have much to offer in terms of dining space, their burritos and burrito bowls are a great option. They serve a variety of meats to go on top, and vegetarian options as well.

10. Melt Shop

Restaurant, American

Craving a gooey grilled cheese? Missing tater tots in your life? Melt Shop has your back. They have a simple menu, offering a variety of sandwiches and salads. Like the name says, the sandwiches mostly revolve around cheese. Melt Shop ventures beyond the standard grilled cheese with combinations like Havarti, truffle oil, and arugula on sourdough bread. Also try their many tater tot options, like the classic Shop Tots with garlic parmesan.

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