Best Tabletop Radios For Retro Design Lovers

Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth AM/FM Radio
Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth AM/FM Radio

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Video most definitely didn’t kill the radio star. Whether your style is vintage chic or minimalist, there’s a perfect tabletop radio out there for you. Here are a few of editor’s favorites, ranging from ultra budget-friendly models ($26) to minor splurges ($299).

Studebaker Portable AM/FM Radio in Teal

At a whopping $26 bucks, this portable AM/FM teal radio is a summer must-have. It’s under 2 lbs and comes with an auxiliary input, which means you can rock your classic tunes either at the beach or in front of your favorite Brooklyn stoop.

Editor’s Pick: Tivoli Audio Model One BT Bluetooth AM/FM Radio in Walnut/Beige

Editor’s Pick: The Tivoli brand is a favorite among audiophiles and design-lovers alike. This sleek Bluetooth and AM/FM radio has some of the best sound quality you can buy for under $200 and includes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology to help with noise interference from other wireless devices. In the words of Cher Horowitz, “Isn’t [this radio] classic?”* (See end of article for quote addendum.)

Tivoli Audio Model One BT Bluetooth AM/FM Radio in Cherry/Silver

Technically-speaking, this is the same model as above, but the cherry/silver design deserves its own shout-out. It’s wireless, with Bluetooth technology, and just a sleek, perfect little radio. It’d look especially lovely surrounded by minimalist décor in a quiet Upstate NY cottage, too.

Como Audio Solo Wireless Speaker, Walnut Black

This multi-room music system packs a big punch: It features one-touch streaming, Hi-Fi sound, FM and internet radio, and comes with Bluetooth capability. But want to hear the best news? You don’t have to have your smart phone or MP3 player for most of the functions. The Como Audio Solor Wireless Speaker comes in hand-crafted furniture-grade walnut wood and has a RMS digital amplifier. That’s basically what $300 bucks will get ‘ya.

Crosley CR3022A-BK Ranchero Retro AM/FM Tabletop Radio with 3-inch Studio Driver

Ah, the classic Crosley radios. This metallic and black number is a modern interpretation of sleek, retro design and comes with a simple analog tuner for your FM radio jams, audio input for your smart device, and a headphone jack. While this wouldn’t look great attached to the back of your bicycle in lieu of a boombox, it’s still otherwise a perfect throwback item for your home.

Sangean WR-2 FM-RBDS AM Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Receiver (Walnut)

Wake up to your favorite tunes with this Sangean Wooden Cabinet Digital radio. Although it looks modest, this digital tuning system includes bass compensation for richer bass, rotary bass, and treble control to make sure the sound is on-point. You even have the option to preset up to 10 of your favorite stations on this clock/alarm radio for under $120 bucks.

Tesslor R301 Retro-style Tabletop AM/FM Hi-Fi Radio

Did your grandfather’s old AM/FM radio have auxiliary inputs for smart devices? Didn’t think so. While you can still have the retro look-and-feel of an old fashioned radio, this modern tabletop is handcrafted with treble and bass control, and includes a sleep timer, back-lit frequency dial, and 4′-inch speakers that deliver distortion-free sound. Yes, please.

SANGEAN WR-11 AM/FM Table Top Radio

Another Sangean on the list, but hey, they’re affordable and pretty sleek. This WR-11 model features a wooden cabinet with LED-lit rotary tuning and volume controls. The 3-inch, full range speaker is enlarged with a magnet for an extra sound boast and plays AM and FM radio. The only downside is it doesn’t have Bluetooth capability or auxiliary input, but it’s what you get for good design (and radio nostalgia) for only $80.
*Regarding the quote from Clueless: Obviously Cher never said this. She was, like, totally referring to her classic 1970s house or Christian’s car. But she definitely would’ve approved of the Tivoli radio. That’s a fact.

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