This Instagram Account Is Dedicated to Exquisite Art History Fashion

A Woman with a Dog (ca. 1769), Jean Honoré Fragonard
A Woman with a Dog (ca. 1769), Jean Honoré Fragonard | Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art/Fletcher Fund, 1937
Rachel Gould

Art & Design Editor

A niche Instagram account run by two anonymous New Yorkers, Artgarments examines magnificent painted depictions of style through the centuries. Having amassed nearly 94,000 followers, Artgarments proves that dramatic frills and ornate jewels as impeccably portrayed by the Old Masters require absolutely #nofilter.

It’s in the finest intricacies of a lace collar and the weightless movement of a silken frock that an artist may exhibit the most spectacular talent. Yet as one half of the unidentified pair behind Artgarments points out, the safe distance museums keep between paintings and viewers leaves quite a bit of room to miss these stunning details. While no technology can surpass the experience of seeing a painting in person, Artgarments enhances some of art history’s most Instagrammable collars, headdresses, and fabrics.

“My instinct at museums is always to touch my nose to the canvas to study brushstrokes or the combination of colors to achieve a particular effect, but of course, there are security guards and ropes and alarms,” one of the Artgarments founders writes on their website. “I like the idea that I can view a work of art privately and study it at my own pace… In that sense, technology really democratizes works that were traditionally inaccessible to all.”

That said, each post includes the name of the painting, the artist, and where in the world you can see it for yourself.

Be it the billowy floral dress adorning Botticelli’s Primavera maiden (above) or the spectacular blue gown donned by one Mrs. Ruby Melville (below), Artgarments magnifies these crucial parts of the canvas—which you may not have otherwise noticed—in all their splendor.

Catering to art aficionados and fashionistas alike, Artgarments is fun and informative, spotlighting a vivid spectrum of looks and style transformations through history.

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