10 Things To Do And See In New Jersey

New Jersey waterfront and skyline viewed from the Hudson River | © cdrin/Shutterstock
New Jersey waterfront and skyline viewed from the Hudson River | © cdrin/Shutterstock
New Jersey offers something for everyone. The state grabs the attention of people all around the world due to its rich history and cultural diversity. When visiting, consider seeing the following places.
Manhattan skyline view from Hoboken waterfront, USA © Samuel Borges Photography/Shutterstock

City of Hoboken

Hoboken is not only the birthplace of Frank Sinatra but also a clean, walkable city located along the Hudson River, directly across from Manhattan. It is officially part of the New York Metropolitan Area, and the population has grown consistently over the last decade. It offers residents an escape from the big city, and it’s a local’s and a tourist’s dream, offering four separate transportation options: NJ Transit, Hoboken Light Rail, a ferry, and the PATH Train. Hoboken is bicycle-friendly, has beautiful waterfront parks, the most Zagat-rated restaurants in New Jersey and in one square mile people can enjoy over 100 outdoor cafés.

City of Hoboken, 94 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, USA +1 201 420 2000

The statue of Liberty and Manhattan, New York City, USA | © spyarm/Shutterstock

The statue of Liberty and Manhattan, New York City, USA | © spyarm/Shutterstock

Statue of Liberty

This is surprising for some, but the truth remains that the Statue of Liberty is officially located in New Jersey. Not only is this a significant piece of U.S. history connected with rebellion, freedom and liberty, but it also has come to represent the United States as whole. Designed by Fréderic Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated to the US on October 28, 1886. Because of the interest and volume of international traffic that the Statue of Liberty brings, tourists and locals can now enjoy Liberty State Park, offering ferry rides to the Statue, Ellis Island, Liberty Science Center, Liberty National Golf Club and the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

Liberty State Park, 200 Morris Pesin Drive, Jersey City, NJ, USA +1 201 915 3402

City of Cape May

Cape May is one of New Jersey’s best and most beautiful shores. It is located at the southernmost tip of the Cape May peninsula, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, and it is the nation’s oldest beach resort destination. Due to its location and the transportation by ferry to Ocean City, Maryland, it is very accessible to tourists. It offers beautiful beaches, historic beach front homes and a welcoming feeling to visitors through its small town environment and a walkability that allows people to get food and drinks only steps from the water.

City of Cape May, 643 Washington Street, Cape May, NJ, USA +1 609 884 9525

Newark Museum

Building, Museum
The largest museum in the state of New Jersey, the Newark Museum was originally established in 1909. It functions as tribute to and gathering place for culture, education and community. It is notable for its Tibetan and African collections. The museum is also committed to the natural sciences and community partnerships. The Alice Ransom Dreyfuss Memorial Garden, located behind the museum building, is a space where various performances, concerts and other artistic gatherings are held. The museum offers various educational events and is free to Newark residents. The historic 1885 Ballantine House is now part of the museum. Overall, it is really a must see and an important part of New Jersey history. Visitors can get there via New Jersey Transit to Newark Broad Street or the Newark Light Rail to Washington Street.
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The Adventure Aquarium

Formerly known as the New Jersey State Aquarium, Adventure Aquarium offers visitors both educational and entertainment options. In 2005, the aquarium was updated, and it currently offers visitors a chance to see more than 8,000 living animals in freshwater, semi-aquatic and marine habitats. The impressive facilities include a two-million-gallon-plus total tank volume and 2,000 square feet of public floor space.
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Monmouth Park Racetrack

Park, Sports Center
Originally opened in 1870 as the Long Branch Racetrack, throughout the years the track has evolved. In 1946, it was officially opened as the new Monmouth Park. This thoroughbred horse racing track is accessible to visitors via New Jersey Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line. A variety of races are held during racing season, and Monmouth has reached such national acclaim that, in 2007, the Breeder’s Cup World Championship was held there. The main track is a one-mile, dirt, oval-shaped space with chutes for six-furlong and one-and-one-quarter mile races.
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Deep Cut Gardens

In 1935, Vito Genovese purchased the 35+ acre area and remodeled it in such a way that it resembled his birthplace of Naples, Italy. The Mount Vesuvius rockery was Genovese’s main request; other than that, he allowed designer Theodore Stout to use his creativity to create an environment that would be impressive to all who saw it. Though the project was abandoned by Genovese before its completion, Karl and Marjorie Sperry Wihtol acquired the land and finished it according to their own vision. In 1977, upon Marjorie’s death, half of the property was donated to the Monmouth County Park System. Between 1977 and 1978 the grounds were finally launched by the county as a Deep Cut Gardens.

Deep Cut Gardens, 352 Red Hill Road, Middletown, NJ, USA +1 732 671 6050

Applegate Farm

Located approximately 15 minutes (depending on New Jersey traffic) west of New York City, Applegate Farm has long provided families in northern New Jersey with what some would call the best dairy products available. The ice cream is among the very best in the region, and the success of the farm is not only seen due to its survival through the Civil War, the Great Depression, and two world wars but also through its expansion to become one of the largest ice cream distributors on the east coast. The farm has consciously preserved its history as a way to make visitors feel as if they are going back in time while enjoying some of the best ice cream around.

Applegate Farm, 616 Grove Street, Upper Montclair, NJ, USA +1 973 744 5900

Henry Hudson Trail | © Andrew F. Kazmierski/Shutterstock

Henry Hudson Trail | © Andrew F. Kazmierski/Shutterstock

Henry Hudson Trail

Though it is named after Henry Hudson, this paved, 22-mile-long by ten-foot-wide trail is not located near the Hudson River. This biking trail is a combination of several former railroad lines, and it is divided into northern and southern parts by the Garden State Parkway. Even though it was a rail line, it still offers scenic views and allows those that love the outdoors to see the interior parts of New Jersey. Pass beautiful streams and green areas while walking or biking.

Henry Hudson Trail, State Highway 36, Leonardo, NJ, USA +1 732 495 2115

City of Lambertville

First settled in 1705, Lambertville has flourished due to its proximity to Trenton (New Jersey’s state capital), the Delaware River and the Delaware and Raritan Canal. Currently, what makes this quaint, scenic town thrive is its dedication to community, culture and the arts. Lambertville offers a variety of antique shops, art galleries and coffee shops along with its distinct architecture and history. It is a border town and in many ways works in unison with New Hope, Pennsylvania, which is located directly across the river and also offers tourists an artsy and eclectic experience. Visitors can cross the bridge from the New Jersey side to the Pennsylvania side and enjoy both locations’ food, arts, and entertainment.

City of Lambertville, 18 York Street, Lambertville, NJ, USA +1 609 397 0110