A Single's Guide to Dating in Hoboken, New Jersey

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© Flickr / Thomas Leuthard | © Flickr / Thomas Leuthard
Katherine Oakes

Are you single, ready to mingle and living in the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, but not quite sure where to start? In a populated city such as this, it can be tough to meet someone and even intimidating to put yourself out there. So if you want to know some of the best ways to get lucky in love, check out our guide to dating in Hoboken.

Get out there!

This may seem obvious but it’s true. Make a conscious effort to try new things, go to the park, check out a new spot or event and stay open to what (or who) might happen. Consider the things you’d like to do, such as taking your dog to the park or joining a recreational soccer team on Sunday afternoons, this way you are more likely to meet someone with whom you already have things in common. Plus, it gets you out of your routine and signals to people that you are open and available. Check out Zog Sports, an organized meet-up that allows you to join a “singles only” league

Ditch the headphones

Make eye contact. Leave your headphones or even your phone at home. Whether it’s at the gym, the park or even on the train you never know where you can meet someone. It’s a whole lot easier to make a connection when you aren’t distracted and glued to your devices. Check out Pier C, Frank Sinatra Drive and Crunch Fitness downtown. It may seem uncomfortable at first but practice makes perfect. Give them the signal and see what happens!

Get out of town

With the Hoboken Ski Club, of course. Shake up your Saturday or Sunday routine by going on ski trip to nearby ski resorts during the winter season and join them for hiking, beach or other outdoor adventures when ski season ends. This is a great option for people who are athletic and love to get outside with like-minded folks. Who knows, you might make some lifelong friends and meet someone special while you’re out having fun!

Have a drink

The local group, Hoboken Happy Hours sets up after-work cocktails, happy hours and even charity events that revolve around bringing people together through food and drink. They post an event nearly everyday and allow you the option to tailor it to your schedule. It’s an easy way to be social, meet new people and explore the city if you’re new in town.

The Hoboken Social Sandbox

The ultimate single’s resource, The Hoboken Social Sandbox hosts events and get-togethers for friendly and positive people who are looking to broaden their social circle or find a significant other. It’s open to people 22-40 years old with outings held in Hoboken and some in Manhattan, too.

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