The Best Yoga Studios in Cambridge, MA

CorePower Yoga is for more experienced yogis
CorePower Yoga is for more experienced yogis | © CorePower Yoga
Harry Gustafson

It can be hard to find the perfect yoga studio. If you go to one that is too crowded, then you might not have enough room or be able to get personal help from the instructor. On the other hand, sometimes the busiest spots are that way because they have skilled, experienced instructors who provide a helpful, personal touch. The good news is that Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as the rest of Boston, has plenty of top-notch yoga studios from which to choose. Whether you are a new yogi testing out the waters or practiced with your asanas, the city has a perfect studio for you.

1. Down Under School of Yoga

Yoga Studio

down under school of yoga
© Down Under School of Yoga

When Justine Cohen—a former yoga instructor for the Supreme Court—took over as manager of this Boston-area yoga school, she was taking the reins of an already popular establishment. With some studio redesigns, as well as retaining its experienced staff of instructors, Down Under has only improved its strong reputation. The staff is always eager to help visitors figure out which class best suits their individual needs. Baptiste, Iyengar, and Heated Flow classes rank among the studio’s most popular.

2. Majestic Yoga Studio in Huron Village

Yoga Studio

Lindsay Gibson started this West Cambridge studio back in 1979 and remains a passionate owner and instructor. Here, classes focus on the connection between mind and body, geared towards striking the perfect balance between the two. The workout is never too intense, which makes this a great spot for any newcomers trying yoga out for the first time. With an emphasis on breathing and light movement, the classes here become very meditative.

3. Prana Power Yoga

Yoga Studio

© elidr / Flickr

Above Central Square, one of Cambridge’s busiest areas, visitors can find peace in this studio, which regulars love for its clean, naturally lit space. Offering both heated and unheated classes, Prana Power keeps it simple. In class, the focus is internal: students are encouraged to use class time for insight and cleansing their spirit. The studio’s atmosphere and the refreshing feeling combine for a calm that lasts all day.

4. O2 Yoga

Yoga Studio

This studio is great for anyone searching for a more athletic yoga session. The classes here not only provide the soothing state of mind of a regular session but also help tone and condition muscles. Helpful instructors make sure each student stays balanced in their breathing and movement. Though the workout level goes up a little here, O2 still maintains a laid-back, go-with-the-flow atmosphere.

5. Art and Soul Yoga

Yoga Studio

© GoToVan / Flickr

Yogis young and old love coming to this studio near Kendall Square. Instructors like Annie Hoffman and Billie Jo Joy offer poetic classes that focus on the spirit. The workout is never too intense, which makes this an ideal place for those looking for a less physical challenge while still aiming to achieve the mindful state that comes with yoga. The studio space is a comfortable space, with colorful windows and heated wooden floors.

6. CorePower Yoga

Yoga Studio

core power yoga
© CorePower Yoga

This nationwide studio provides classes for more experienced yogis. Known for the intensity of their sessions, CorePower is a great place to combine a little extra workout burn with the mindfulness of yoga. It challenges students to apply what they learn in the studio to each facet of their life, aiming for a totally transformative experience. This Alewife location is a supportive environment where students can get the most out of their session.

7. Bikram Yoga Cambridge

Yoga Studio

As the name of this studio suggests, it practices Bikram, a specific style of yoga. Each class runs 90 minutes long, and students move through a series of 26 positions. This style tends to run on the hotter side, so it’s advised to go over proper hydration techniques before going. This studio is a great place to sweat out your stress and feel rejuvenated afterward. Lucas, the owner and instructor, is well-liked for his patience and assistance in class.

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