An Art Lover's Guide to Baltimore in 24 Hours

Artist | © Dave Doe/Flickr | Artist | © Dave Doe/Flickr

Are you an avid art lover who will be visiting Baltimore, Maryland in the near future? Maybe you only have limited time for your trip and want to see as much as you can. Baltimore is rich in history, art and creativity. Here’s a guide to the best hidden gems in Baltimore for art lovers if you only have 24 hours to spare.

Must-visit museums

1. The Walter's Art Museum


Gatchina Palace Egg
© Walters Art Museum / WikiCommons
The Walter’s Art Museum has an extensive collection of exhibits ranging from Asia to Egypt and even Medieval art collections. This museum displays work by numerous talented artists from around the world and different time periods. The Walter’s Art Museum even has various old manuscripts and an extensive rare book collection for those who enjoy looking at historical artifacts such as this.

Insider’s tip: The museum is free to enter, but you’ll need to pay for parking near the museum, so be sure to bring a credit card or enough cash. The museum is small and is a self-guided type of place, so if you have any questions while perusing the exhibits, feel free to reach out to staff on the museum floor.

2. B&O Railroad Museum


The B&O Railroad Museum is perfect for train lovers and those who are interested in the history of the railroads and trains in North America. This museum also has many activities for families and children to experience the world of the railroad. Train rides are made available as well and there is even an outdoor miniature train set.

Insider’s tip:If you would like to take a first class train ride, you will have to pay extra for the VIP options that are available. Also, it will take about two hours to see the entire museum. Many activities inside the trains are not air-conditioned, so bear this in min if you are visiting the museum in the summer

3. The American Visionary Art Museum


American Visionary Art Museum
© Mr.TinDC/Flickr
The American Visionary Art Museum is the place for all things quirky, different and unique. This museum not only has a mystery show as a part of one of their many exhibits, but it also has weekend workshops as well as the Jim Rouse Visionary Center. It is located in downtown Baltimore so once you leave the museum, there are plenty of other things to see as well.

Insider’s tip:Admission costs from $9.95 for a student/child (children under six go free). Allow at least two hours to work your way through the entire museum.

Art-related cafés

Must-visit galleries

4. C. Grimaldis Gallery

Art Gallery

C. Grimaldis Gallery is an impressive art gallery that is well worth a visit on your next stop through artistic Baltimore. This gallery is the oldest contemporary art gallery in Baltimore and specializes in European art and sculptures. It also hosts many artists’ exhibitions throughout the year so keep a look out for upcoming events.

5. Y:ART Gallery & Fine Gifts

Art Gallery

Y:ART Gallery & Fine Gifts focuses on chiefly Baltimore-based artists who create one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. This gallery is perfect for those who want to participate in artists’ showings, workshops and private gatherings. If you enjoy art and love perusing through a fully-stocked artists’ gift shop, this has to be next on your list of artsy places to visit.

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Artsy restaurant to end the day

6. Gertrude's

Restaurant, American, Vegetarian, Vegan

Gertrude’s is the perfect place to end your artistic-filled day. This restaurant is located right in the Baltimore Museum of Art that serves American food with an artistic flare. Gertrude’s has an extensive brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert menu that consists of small plates, big plates and everything succulently and freshly prepared in between. Take a moment to enjoy the city and reflect on your art-filled day as you enjoy the food that Gertrude’s has to offer.

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