5 Great Bookshops in Indianapolis

Indy Reads Books mural
Indy Reads Books mural
Sarah Russek

Indiana’s capital city is famous for its sporting events, such as the Grand Prix and the largest half-marathon in the US. But aside from sports, the city has also one of the highest literacy rates in the Midwest. Here’s a look at some of its best bookshops.

Courtesy of Indy Reads Books


Bookmamas has campaigned for local businesses, receiving attetention – and for good reason. The well-stocked new-and-used bookstore gives their patrons the facts about sticking to the local scene when it comes to shopping, and specifically at their store. Their website details the economic, environmental and community benefits to the way of shopping they believe in. Find your new favorite book and feel good about it too at Bookmamas of Indianapolis.

9 S. Johnson Avenue Indianapolis, IN, +1 317 375 3715

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1. Downtown Comics

Bookstore, Store

Downtown Comics
Courtesy of the Hero House
For your own child or your inner child, there’s Downtown Comics. If reading long chapters isn’t your style, you can grab your favorite superhero stories at the largest comic store in the midwest. Inside, they also have t-shirts, board games, figurines, posters and much much more for fans of the comics. Visitors can also sign up for a membership to keep the fun going all year.

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