The Ultimate Guide To Extreme Sports In Florida

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing | © N McQ /Flickr
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Outdoor adventure is an ingrained experience for most Floridians. Between the year-round sun and the captivating swamplands, there’s never a dull moment! For some folks, there’s always another thrill waiting and another extreme sport to take on. For all of the extremists out there, here is the ultimate Orlando guide to extreme sports that will satisfy that inner risk-taker.


Orlando Paintball takes this extreme sport (extremely) seriously. This massive paintball playground features eight indoor/outdoor fields. Each field is made up of different obstacles that will test mental and physical stamina: bridges, tunnels, trenches, forts, towers, bunkers, and tons of staircases. The best part is a free slice of pizza just for playing.
Orlando Paintball, 7215 Rose Ave, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 294 0694


For those who love a little springboard action, Redline Sports Trampoline Park will be the perfect place to release all that bubbling adrenaline. The trampoline arena is just what it sounds like: a giant stadium room packed wall to wall with bouncy, tensile trampolines. This extreme sport doesn’t get a lot of attention because beginners usually make the assumption that jumping on a trampoline is an activity more reminiscent of childhood afternoons in the backyard than a featured event at the X Games. But don’t be fooled – 20 minutes on these elastic suckers will have anyone gasping for breath.

Rock Climbing

Orlando is known as the City Beautiful, and for good reason. Unfortunately, while the city showcases some of the best outdoor locales Florida has to offer, it falls short when it comes to providing outdoor thrill seekers the bumpy, taxing terrain they’re looking for. Enter Aiguille Gym in Longwood. At the heart of this adventurer’s paradise is 10,000 square feet of climbing walls that reach heights up to 36 feet each. The gym offers top rope walls, a lead climbing area, and even dedicated bouldering sections for those who prefer a “bare hands” approach to the sport.
Aiguille Gym, 999 Charles St, Longwood, FL, USA, +1 407 332 1430

Paintball Art

Indoor Sky Diving

Extreme skydiving without the airplane? At iFLY Orlando, jumpers can experience all of the adrenaline (and possible fear) skydiving can offer without actually having to leap out of a moving aircraft. Each guest is given a 10–15-minute training session followed by a 1-minute full dive experience in iFLY’s unique high-speed air tube. The activity is safe for ages three and up, so be sure to bring the whole family to this amazing escapade.
iFLY Orlando, 6805 Visitors Cir, Orlando, FL, USA, +1 407 903 1150

Zip Lining

A ticket to South America is no longer needed for an extreme zip lining experience. At Forever Florida, visitors can take on the famous Zipcoaster, a 1000-foot, 20-miles-per-hour zip line bonanza with swoops, jumps, and dips, all starting with a launch off of a 65-foot-high platform. If that’s not enough activity, there’s also the racing zip line, which features two side-by-side 1300-foot lines that send two daredevils racing off at 30 miles per hour. But that’s not all – for the soldiers of danger, there’s the Panther Pounce, a 68-foot-high free fall.
Forever Florida, 4755 N Kenansville Rd, St. Cloud, FL, USA, +1 407 957 9794

Astronaut For A Day

Mission Space at Epcot has been known to give visitors major motion sickness and discomfort, but it’s nothing compared to the ATX – Astronaut Training Experience at the Kennedy Center. The experience begins with a standard briefing and meeting with a member of the NASA Astronaut Corps, after which all participants complete a series of exercises in the 1/6th Gravity Chair (which replicates the feeling of walking on the moon) and the Multi-Axis Trainer (a centrifuge-like machine that makes intense 360-degre revolutions). Training ends with a simulated Space Shuttle mission in a replica mission control room.
Kennedy Space Center, SR 405, Titusville, FL, USA, +1 877 404 3769

Sky Dive

Be it getting shot by concentrated balls of paint or whirling around in a giant centrifuge-thing fit for Buzz Aldrin, the perfect adventure is just a hop, skip, and a skydive away.

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