The Ocean-Floor Pizza Delivery Service

Jules’ Undersea Lodge has underwater pizza delivery
Jules’ Undersea Lodge has underwater pizza delivery
James Smart

Pizza delivery drivers can have a thankless job, traveling through rain or darkness to bring a steaming box of delight to hungry customers. They don’t usually have to actually get in water, let alone don a wetsuit and breathing apparatus, but Jules’ Undersea Lodge is not a regular place to stay.

Ordering pizza to your room at Jules’ is problematic to say the least. With the hotel sitting 30ft (9m) underwater in a lagoon off Florida’s Key Largo, delivery is a logistical nightmare. Enter this team of scuba heroes, who swim past shoals of fish to hand you your dinner. Packed into a watertight box, pizza is carried down from the jetty to the lagoon floor, where a “moon pool” opening in the lodge floor lets the diver – and their tasty cargo – into the cabin.

Ding-dong! The pizza has arrived and it’s not your everyday pizza delivery person

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

In its former life as La Chalupa Research Laboratory, this base was submerged off Puerto Rico and was used to explore how humans could live underwater. Since its move to Florida and conversion to a lodge, it’s hosted guests including Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

Scuba-certified visitors can stay here for a three-hour slot or overnight, peering out through its windows for the chance to spot angelfish, parrotfish, barracuda, anemones and sponges. Unqualified visitors can take training in the lagoon.

Inside, there’s a wet room with a shower and the moon pool, a bedroom and an 8ft x 20ft (2.4m x 6m) lounge with space to eat and drink. If you tire of the view outside, there’s Wi-Fi and DVDs – plus an intercom to call up for pizza.

Staying here isn’t cheap – a three-hour visit is $150 per person, and an overnight stay is $850 for two – but it might just be your only chance to get an underwater pizza delivery.

Staying beneath the sea

Jules’ Undersea Lodge isn’t the only place in the world where you can sleep with the fishes. Others (accessed using steps or an elevator rather than by diving) include Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Fiji, Sweden’s Utter Inn and Atlantis in Dubai.

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