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Top 10 Restaurants In Little Havana, Miami
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Top 10 Restaurants In Little Havana, Miami

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Little Havana in Miami, Florida is an established, prominent Cuban community. Centered around the historical Calle Ocho, Little Havana is a cultural hub. Here are its best restaurants.
Versailles Cuban Cuisine | ©MA1216/Flickr
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Open for more than 40 years, Versailles is one of the most famous Cuban restaurants. The menu is vast and features dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night dining. Try the croquettes or paella, a few of the tastiest menu items. Each day of the week has a specials menu, so you can always try something different. This Cuban classic is central to the Little Havana community, and is even a hot spot for local politicians.

3555 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 444 0240
Shrimp Tacos | ©Ron Dollete/Flickr
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La Camaronera

This seafood joint knows how to do fish the right way and the best way. La Camaronera, meaning The Shrimp, offers delectable seafood dishes at an astounding price. The restaurant features many different dishes, but obviously shrimp is what they do best. Enjoy shrimp tacos, fried shrimp, breaded shrimp sandwiches, and more.

1952 W. Flagler St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 642 3322
Ropa Vieja at El Cristo | ©Adam Baker/Flickr
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El Cristo Restaurant

Not only is the food at El Cristo delicious, it’s beautiful as well. Plated to perfection, this restaurant is a popular choice for catering. As pretty as the food may be, though, it’s not too pretty to eat. Relish in every bite until you’re scrounging for more. Come here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and enjoy dishes such as ceviche or empanadas. This place is best to visit with a small group of friends or on a date night.

1543 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, USA +1 305 643 9992
Cuban Congri | ©Masa Assassin/Flickr
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El Exquisito Restaurant

This Little Havana restaurant is exquisite. Most, if not all, of the restaurants in Little Havana serve primarily Cuban food or offer an additional menu for American food. El Exquisito doesn’t separate the two types of food, but rather melds them together to create something special. Enjoy one-of-a-kind plates such as the plantain omelet or a New York steak seasoned with a Cuban flair.

1510 SW 8TH St. Miami, FL, USA +1 305 643 0227
Black Beans and Rice with Plantains | ©Muy Yum/Flickr
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La Carreta

La Carreta translates to “the oxcart” in English, and these carts, used to transport sugar cane from the plantations, were wildly popular in Cuba. An oxcart is very strong, so the restaurant, La Carreta, lives up to its name. It holds the weight of the Cuban culture by cooking authentic cuisine. Little Havana, Miami is a Cuban paradise; La Carreta is an oasis in this paradise.

3632 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 444 7501
Frita Caballo | ©Wally Gobetz/Flickr
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El Rey de las Fritas

Why have a burger and fries when you can have a burger with fries inside? Known for their Cuban interpretation of the American hamburger, this restaurant serves sandwiches and burgers that are stuffed to the brim with shoestring French fries. This restaurant’s name means “the king of the potatoes,” and El Rey takes this title seriously. This particular burger dish is called a cubana frita, and El Rey de las Fritas is the best place in Little Havana to get one.

1821 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 644 6054

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El Rincon Asturiano

Mixing it up a little bit, El Rincon is not a Cuban restaurant, but rather a Spanish restaurant. The traditional fare from Spain includes tapas, paella, fresh seafood dishes, and more. Plus, the restaurant has an in-house delicatessen. Purchase Spanish cold cuts, olive oils, wines, and other take-home delectables. Typical of Spain, each day has a different fixed menu that offers an appetizer and main course, but they have so many options that you can feel free to go off script.

225 SW 17th Ave. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 643 8822
Morro Castle Sign | ©Phillip Pessar/Flickr
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Morro Castle

Serving food to the good people of Little Havana for more than half a century, this restaurant offers a different kind of delivery service. Place your order and be served your meal, all without leaving your car. The car service is just one of the many perks of this iconic restaurant. They offer a surplus of dishes, but the Cuban sandwiches and hot churros are what they are known for. Have late night munchies? They’re open into the wee hours of the night for some quick, yummy grub.

2500 NW 7th St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 642 4747
Cuban Paella | ©loppear/Flickr
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Islas Canarias

It’s impossible to go to Islas Canarias and not find something delicious to eat. The menu is extremely extensive, and offers everything from the American chicken fingers and hamburgers to Spanish omelets to Italian pasta. The restaurant also has an accompanying cafe for a simpler experience with lighter menu options. They also offer both catering options and a drive-thru.

13695 SW 26th St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 559 6666
Paella at Casa Juancho | ©Craig Drollet/Flickr
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Casa Juancho

Listed in Zagat Survey’s America’s Top Restaurants 2005, Juancho’s is the place for fine Spanish cuisine. Over the years they’ve received more than a dozen accolades for their warm atmosphere, delicious food, and wine. The wine list is very extensive, featuring bottles from five separate countries. Though this may be a fancier joint, they still know how to have a good time. Live music is played daily, and it’s not uncommon for customers to get up and start dancing to the beat.

2436 SW 8th St. Miami, FL, USA, +1 305 642 2452