The 10 Best Restaurants In Allapattah, Miami

Sierra Brown

Allapattah is a melting pot of residents from across the world; a rich community made up of African Americans, Cubans, Dominican Americans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, and Haitians. This diverse area is packed with great restaurants to reflect these influences. We pick 10 of the best to try.

Chop Suey mit Reis

1. Far East Cafe

Cafe, Restaurant, Vegetarian, Chinese

Far East Cafe serves Chinese food, offering many vegetarian dishes and lunch specials. The restaurant is casual and family-friendly. Their meals are inexpensive, whether you’re eating a combination plate, vegetarian soup, or chef house specialties. You won’t find authentic Chinese food at such good prices anywhere in town.

2. Snapper’s Fish & Chicken

Restaurant, American

Oyster Combination Plate
© Elliot/Flickr
Snapper’s Fish & Chicken has been established for many years and has always been a great place to find some of the best fried food in Florida. This restaurant never gets boring because there’s a wide variety of meals to choose from. This holds true for the fried chicken as well. If you’re a fan of perfectly fried food, grab a meal here.

3. Esther’s

Restaurant, American

Bourbon Pork Chops
© Steven Depolo/Flickr
Esther’s was established in 1961. It was originally a daily dinner service and over time expanded into a popular restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Esther’s is open seven days a week to serve its hearty breakfast and traditional American meals to its customers; come and be one of them.

4. The Rickenbacker

Restaurant, Fusion, American

Miami from Rickenbacker
© Ines Hegedus-Garcia/Flickr
This restaurant is located in the beautiful Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. The restaurant is elegant like the hotel, its aviation theme mixes with the stylish art deco décor. If you love sunshine, consider dining on the Rickenbacker Patio, which provides amazing views of a golf course and the river.

5. Thea’s

Restaurant, American

Pasta all´arrabbiata
© Katrin Gilger/Flickr
Thea’s is a restaurant you’ll regret not visiting while in Miami. It’s a wonderful place with excellent food, fantastic service, and complimentary parking. The restaurant itself is clean, welcoming and bright. A glass mosaic mural depicting peonies, roses, and daffodils in bloom is the backdrop at this pizzeria. The staff are friendly and quick to respond to requests, making your experience at Thea’s an even better one.

6. La Moon Restaurant

Restaurant, Nightclub, South American

Dine at La Moon Restaurant if you want to experience traditional Colombian flavors. The chefs here have over 20 years of experience in Mediterranean, Italian, French, Colombian, and international cuisine. They believe providing variety is good, thus their menu has many combinations. La Moon is the perfect mix of neighborhood restaurant and late night hangout spot.

7. The Salon

Restaurant, American

Spaghetti with homemade meatballs
© verygreen/Flickr
The Salon at Element welcomes its guests to enjoy a taste of the local fare at their new restaurant, which has access to pool-side dining. This amazing restaurant provides the perfect setting for you to unwind with friends, family, or colleagues. Order some delicious small plates and refreshing cocktails while enjoying the revitalizing environment. The Salon offers a well-balanced menu, allowing guests to fill up on classic favorites with a twist.

8. El Atlakat Restaurant

Restaurant, American, Soup

Chili Verde at Chalateco
© Sandip Bhattacharya/Flickr
El Atlakat Restaurant was established in 1987 in response to the demand of Salvadorian and Central American food, making it a pioneer in Central American cuisine in Florida. El Atlakat has been serving an extensive menu of chicken, fish, salads, soups, and various Salvadorian and Central American meals to its guests.

9. Em’s Restaurant

Restaurant, Chinese, American

The food at Em’s Restaurant is simple yet elegantly served. All food items are prepared fresh by hand with the finest local and organic ingredients. The chefs maintain relationships with local producers and agricultural producers to offer the best ingredients available. Their farm-to-table approach does not go unnoticed, with its changing array of daily specials and standard menu classics.

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