A Gentleman's Guide to Looking Good in Miami, FL

Gentleman by the beach
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Miami’s beach and party lifestyle sets the scene for a very unique approach to fashion. While the rest of the northern hemisphere may be clad in demure coats, somber colors, and dress with a “less is more” mentality, the 3-0-5 waves those stringent rules adiós.

The blazing sun makes it too hot to be constricted in heavy fabrics, and what’s the fun in wearing boring colors to an over-the-top yacht party? Miamians slather on the sunscreen, dress in upbeat clothing, and aren’t afraid to show off their shiny bling with extra swagger when they walk down the street.

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In the daytime, men in Miami go casual in a white cotton tee, a pair of pastel shorts, and play it up with an expensive watch, a pair of sleek sunglasses and maybe chic loafers. Linen garments and cotton provide just the right amount of relief in the steamy, humid weather of the tropics. There’s plenty of shopping to do in Lincoln Road Mall for casual attire, for wrist candy the Miami Design District boasts watch brands Omega, Tag Heuer and Hublot.

Note that, unlike other cities, there’s no shame in calling a little attention to yourself. Ostentatious fashion is 100% acceptable here, in fact, it’s the norm. Miamians love color and designer brands, whether that means bright red Ferraris from The Collection or pink polo shirts from Ralph Lauren in Bal Harbour Shops. However flashy the wardrobe may be, it doesn’t have to be in bad taste – dapper gents play with pops of color but still look effortlessly cool.

For an evening out, you should plan for a spectacular outfit. If out to a nightclub, make sure you dress to impress – the doorman won’t let you in if you’re wearing flip flops (even if they are designer). Wear a sleek black blazer, a white tee underneath, a thin gold chain necklace and a diamond earring for extra sparkle. Give your mane a bit of TLC whether you’re keeping it intact with gel (the humidity causes frizz big time), getting a haircut, or covering it up for the night with a fedora. For salon needs, YSV Hair Salon & Spa with locations in Downtown and Miami Beach styles your hair in a swanky space. Gents in the Magic City show off a clean cut style, though there’s a fair share of bearded men lingering about. For the most part, the city looks as if it’s inhabited by movie stars.

The Miami style is to look like a glowing, Apollo – perfect and exuding an air of expensive cologne. It doesn’t hurt to have a six-pack to attract the ladies either, or wear your shirt just a little tight to trace those bulging biceps. However, gentlemen would do well to pair their wonderful wardrobe with good manners. After all, it’s not just clothes that make the man.

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