10 Things You Miss When You Leave Miami

Miami Beach Marina
Miami Beach Marina | © ASSY / Pixabay
Karina Castrillo

Miami natives have their daily cafecito with a side of complaining; whether it’s about the humidity, the high rent or the hurricanes, there’s always something Miami’s done to rant about on Facebook. For those who gave up bashing the city and actually made the big move to the “greener grass,” here are 10 things you’re probably missing from the good old 3-0-5.

The beautiful weather

Let’s face it, Paris’ gloomy, moody weather gets old after a week. There’s no place like Miami where blue skies and sunshine make every day look like a holiday.

Miami Beach

Cuban food

Crispy breaded croquetas, pastelitos, and Cuban sandwiches are just a few favorites you’ll be missing. Where else has an endless array of Cuban bakeries to satisfy those cravings?

Cuban sandwich

No judgment fashion

Miamians don’t care if you’re wearing bedazzled five-inch heels to the park or neon shirts to a funeral—heck, you can dress like a pirate, and no one will notice a difference. You’re free to be you here—as non-fashionable as that is.

Friendly people

Miamians complain about other Miamians, but if you take a trip to Russia or even New York City, you’ll start seeing Miami natives as sweet, loving, huggable teddy bears. Locals here are open-minded, friendly and always up for a good joke—except during traffic jams.


Surely you didn’t think you’d miss the traffic, but there you are squished like a sardine in a subway with hundreds of other subway users struggling to find an empty spot with oxygen. You may have hated being stuck bumper to bumper on the expressway, but you got to check your emails and do your makeup.

Ocean Drive at night

3-0-5 coffee break

The area code is also coffee break time—a time when you used to swing by a local ventanita to order your strong cafecito.

The taste of a delicious coffee

Vendors on the street

Forgot something at the supermarket? That’s cool. All you had to do was wait at any red light for a local fruit vendor to pass by with his collection of papayas, mangos, melons, and bananas.


Speaking and understanding Spanglish was a cultural bond you shared with your fellow Miamians. Who else will understand “Estoy full”?

Victoria Fernandez /

Hurricane season

You probably hated roughing it up in your apartment without electricity, but you’ll miss the secretly bonding moment you experience with your fellow neighbors during hurricane preparation. While queuing for plywood at Home Depot or water at Publix, the fear and unadmitted excitement of having some real entertainment bring the city together. “Hunker down” are magic words.

Hurricane Irma 7 September 2017 as seen by MODIS onboard Terra satellite

Knaus Berry Farm

Surely other places have many, many more farms than Miami, but who else makes the best cinnamon rolls? You’ll miss the drive to Homestead to stand in a two-hour line for a taste of these decadent gooey goodies. Your friend probably posted a photo of this on Facebook, and it totally broke you. (Take this as a sign, and move back!)


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