The Best Bakeries In Denver, Colorado

Ross Walker

The Colorado city of Denver has bakeries which are creative and source the best ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a morning pastry or a loaf of gourmet bread, check out one of Denver’s best bakeries.

A Creative Commons Image: Cupcakes

Happy Cakes

Happy Cakes is run by three women who love cupcakes, and the name comes from the son of one of the owners. Instead of singing Happy Birthday he sings, ‘Happy Cakes!’ because he loves cake that much. We can’t blame him, as he grew up in the Happy Cakes family, tasting cupcakes like bourbon pumpkin pie and cherry coke. For a delightfully creative cupcake baked with love, head to Happy Cakes.

Happy Cakes, 3434 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211(303) 477-3556

Rheinlander Bakery

The Rheinlander Bakery serves sweet fruit strudels, gourmet coffee cakes, and huge breakfast pastries. Rheinlander has been open for more than 50 years and stays true to the traditional German baking styles. However, they also bake cinnamon rolls, cupcakes and cookies. We recommend the Elephant Ear. If you’ve never had one, it’s a long flat piece of pastry coated in cinnamon and sugar.

Rheinlander Bakery, 5721 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80002 (303) 467-1810

A Creative Commons Image: Apple Strudel

Denver Bread Co

Something about warm, handmade, fresh-baked, bread makes every sandwich taste better, every dinner more homey, and every cheese plate more rustic. At The Denver Bread Company you can purchase buns for your burger, focaccia for your dinner, and sourdough rolls for your cheese. Be sure to try some of their more unusual baked goods like the cinnamon knot or the Breckenridge Beer Bread.

Denver Bread Co, 3200 Irving St, Denver, CO 80211 (303) 455-7194

LaMar’s Donuts

With more than 70 types of doughnuts, LaMar’s is the place to go if you are fussy. LaMar’s has all of the classic doughnuts, and they come in all different configurations: bars, twists, filled, cake, and fritter. If you are having a tough time choosing from such a varied menu order a dozen doughnut holes. LaMar’s has many of their flavors compressed into tiny bite sized treats.

LaMar’s Donuts, 990 W 6th Ave, Denver, CO 80204 (720) 904-5792

A Creative Commons Image: Donuts

Glazed & Confuzed Donuts

After a Glazed & Confused donut you’ll be saying ‘alright, alright, alright’ all day. The donuts at G & C are crazy creative, ranging from Jalapeño Poppers to Samoa, so you have to be a bit adventurous when you come here. The signature is the maple bacon, which is a maple donut with a big slab of bacon on top.

Glazed & Confuzed Donuts, 5301 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO 80246 (303) 524-9637

Sugar Bakeshop

Sugar Bakeshop has a menu of muffins, bread, and pop tarts that changes daily, and a few baked goods offered everyday. Does a peanut butter honey or banana crumble sound like a good way to start the day? How about a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart? Sugar Bakeshop reinvents the classic baked good everyday.

Sugar Bakeshop, 277 Broadway St, Denver, CO 80203 (720) 458-5432

A Creative Commons Image: Cookies

Santa Fe Cookie Co

Santa Fe Cookie Co is regarded as one of the best cookie bakeries in the state. It works like this: walk in, drop a dollar in the jar, and grab a bag of three randomly selected cookies. No one will talk to you, no will answer any questions – just grab your cookies and enjoy.

Santa Fe Cookie Co, 303 16th St # 12A, Denver, CO 80202 (303) 623-0919

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