The Best Restaurants In Montrose, Colorado

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The reasons to come to Montrose, Colorado are plentiful, water sports, hiking, skiing, or just enjoying the fresh mountain air. With just under 20,000 inhabitants, Montrose might not be the most bustling metropolis, but it has plenty of great spots to enjoy food. Whether you’re looking for a great steak, micro-brewed seasonal beer, or something a little more exotic, there’s something here for you. Check out The Culture Trip’s 10 favorites.

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The Stone House

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No matter when you come to The Stone House, it’s likely to be full of people enjoying the ambiance, attentive service, and, of course, delicious food. They have a wide variety of choices to suit even the pickiest person in your party, from the appetizers graced with the flavor of sweet Asian chili sauce to the house specialty smoke-roasted prime rib, which comes with a sauce made from port and apple horseradish. The ‘Italia’ section of their menu is definitely worth having a look at, especially because the building itself has an Italian feel.

Camp Robber

Named after a bird said to torture campers all around the region, the good people of Camp Robber say that the only thing they will take from you is your hunger and thirst. The concept of the restaurant is that they infuse the flavors of the Southwest into familiar dishes, creating new classics. Of course, you can find excellent Mexican dishes, like enchiladas or chiles rellenos, but they also have a Mexican meatball hero sandwich and pork medallions encrusted with green chilli pistachio. They also have a special Sunday brunch menu that you won’t want to miss.

Ted Nelson’s Steakhouse

What could be better than a steakhouse and a mountain view? Ted Nelson’s Steakhouse thinks that’s about as good as it gets. At Ted Nelson’s, you come for the full meal. Choose your entrée and the category of side dishes you want, and once it’s all cooked up, you’ll get a heaped plate full of fresh-cooked, meaty goodness. Their signature dish is the marinated sirloin, but as they use Certified Angus Beef for all of their steaks, you can trust that they’ll all be of the highest quality. You’ll want to come hungry, their burger and fish and chips platter are on the section of their menu reserved for light bites.

The Coffee Trader

Fittingly located in an old house, walking into The Coffee Trader is like coming to an extension of your home. Start with the staff who knows all the regulars and always provides a warm welcome. The coffee, unsurprisingly, is very good, and you can enjoy a fresh scone or other pastry with it while you relax, either in their cozy interior or outside on the veranda. With those two options, it’s the perfect place for both warm and cold weather. You can also reserve the upstairs room for meetings, the owners are very civic minded, and local groups of all stripes often take advantage of this aspect of the coffee house.

Colorado Boy

CPE4G8 serving slice of ham and mushroom pizza with close up on stringy melted mozzarella cheese

At first glance, the concept seems familiar, pizza and beer. What you’re really in for at Colorado Boy, however, is a unique culinary experience. Let’s start with the beer, which they brew themselves, their brewery has even become a school for budding brewers from all around. Their pizza, then, is more than just your average bar food. They make artisan pizza creations, and you can either choose from among their fine pre-designed pizzas or build your own. Their starters are great too, especially if you just want to come for a beer flight and a light bite. After you’ve made the decision to come to Colorado Boy, only good decisions will follow.

Backstreet Bagel Company

As any bagel fan knows, a good bagel is hard to find. They all claim to be ‘real New York‘ bagels, but the phrase is used so often that it’s basically lost its meaning. At Backstreet Bagel Company, however, it’s actually true. They have a lot of fun making new and exciting flavor combinations, and they also have sub sandwiches if you, for some reason, would like a different kind of bread. But as the purists know, usually the best way to enjoy a bagel is just with some cream cheese to bring out the chewy texture, and you will not regret doing that here.

Himalayan Pun Hill Kitchen

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t judge Himalayan Pun Hill Kitchen by its modest exterior. The Nepali owners of this Nepali and Indian restaurant are completely dedicated to sharing their culture through their cuisine. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be greeted with a hot cup of Himalayan tea, which will warm your stomach up for what’s to come. The menu items come in huge portions, so this is a great place to try a couple of them and eat family style, and you’ll probably still leave with leftovers. If you’re new to Indian and Nepali food and you’re not sure what to order, ask your server who will be happy to advise you, or just go for the Nepali mo-mo dumplings.

Mi Mexico

Exciting décor, huge portions, and low prices, these things might not usually go together, but at Mi Mexico, you’ll find all three. Although it opened fairly recently, Montrose residents have already embraced Mi Mexico as a staple in their list of options, so you’ll often find it quite crowded. Their menu is extensive, and it includes more than just your average burritos and quesadillas (although, of course, you’ll find those too). They have a section of healthy choices, perfect if you’re trying to follow a diet but still delicious. If you’re having a hard time deciding, the staff is always happy to give recommendations.

Chang Thai Cuisine

There’s a reason Thai cuisine is renowned worldwide, and Chang Thai Cuisine is the best place to get it in Montrose. Visitors from all over swear that it’s the best Thai food anywhere around. The portions are very large, far exceeding what you’d expect to get for the price. The curries are quite authentic, and that means spicy, so if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, warn them in advance. If you’re an adventurous eater, however, this is definitely the place for you.

Horsefly Brewing Company

If you come to Horsefly Brewing Company just expecting your normal pint, you’re going to be very pleasantly surprised. As you might expect from the name, they brew their own beer, and they have a wide enough range of choices to satisfy even the most particular beer drinker. Their menu offers a great selection of the pub food that you expect, prepared with tender loving care to be fresh, hot, and flavorful. If you want to step outside of your culinary box, try their Rocky Mountain Oysters. You can choose the sauce for them, much like you do with chicken wings, and then you’ll get a half pound to split with all of your friends.

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