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9 February 2017

The thought of unconditional love, along with the growing pet friendliness of the San Francisco Bay Area, make finding a new pet more appealing than ever. With countless animals being put down each year, adoption via shelter or rescue group is clearly the ethical approach to finding a furry friend. Researching a place to adopt from can seem daunting, but we’ve picked out the best no-kill adoption centers in the Bay Area.

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Rocket Dog Rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue is an organization full of good natured and loving dogs who are in search of someone who can return the favor to them after lives of abuse, or displacement. They have an extensive foster program for dogs needing to be re homed, so that they do not have to live in the typical shelter, cage, environment. So, if you are looking to foster instead of adopt a dog, this should be your go-to place. Additionally, they have many adoption events at Pet Food Express locations throughout the Bay Area, and appear at many other dog adoption events and festivals. If you do not have the resources to foster or adopt a dog, they have many volunteering opportunities, and donations are always welcome!
Rocket Dog Rescue 3150 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 756-8188

Cat Town Café

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Cat Town Café - Oakland, CA
Cat Town Café - Oakland, CA | © Cynthinee/Flickr
If you are looking for a slightly unconventional, but just as satisfying approach to the cat adoption process, or just need some much needed cat cuddle time, head out to Cat Town Café in Oakland. The café is equipped with two rooms, one for the enjoyment of food and beverages, and another for cats. There are only a small handful of cats at a given time, 6-20 on average to interact with, but all are available for adoption out of local shelters. This way, you can bond with the cats and see if they are the right fit for your lifestyle before you adopt. They have a very high turnaround rate of cats being adopted. For the well being of the animals, only 14 customers can be accommodated at a time, so be sure you first get a reservation for your time slot.

Hopalong Animal Rescue

If you are looking for a rescue site that has a variety of animals to choose from, or simply can’t decide if you want a dog, a cat, weigh your options and take a look at Hopalong and second Chance Animal Rescue. Through their website, they can help educate you on what type of animal is the best fit for your pet. Unlike other pet rescues and shelters, the animals are not available for viewing online, because they will match you for what type of dog or cat is best for you, though they will keep in mind what breed and characteristics you are looking for. You also have the option of volunteering, fostering, or donating as well.
Hopalong Animal Rescue, 945 22nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606 (510) 267-1915

Husky | © Pixabay
Husky | © Pixabay

Furry Friends Rescue

Bay Area rescue organization, Furry Friends Rescue operates entirely on a volunteer basis. They have been placing animals once at risk for being put down at other shelters, as special needs dogs and into foster homes and forever homes since 1998. They help gravely injured and ill animals recover as well. They also have a special program for re-homing dogs. One thing to consider, is adopting a senior dog, so that they can spend the golden years of their life in a great new home, and Furry Friends Rescue is a great resource for those who wish to provide that to a dog in need. If you prefer to be with your furry friend from the beginning, they also have many puppies and kittens.
39010 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 794-4703

Family Dog Rescue

You know how sitcoms always have the perfect family along with a cute lovable dog? Well, that could be your family! And you can do so, in an ethical fashion through a rescue. The lovable dogs you see on TV often come from puppy mills, or irresponsible breeding to keep bloodlines pure, when just as cute and loveable dogs can be found in shelters. That’s why you should check out Family Dog rescue. They purposely seek out family friendly and kid friendly dogs at high volume shelters to be placed into their rescue, and eventually into a loving forever home. They will also try to connect humans who are in need of dog therapy with their own dog.

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