The Top Dog-Friendly Spots To Visit In Los Angeles

Photo of Angelica Argueta
9 February 2017

The time has come to see Los Angeles from a pro-doggie perspective. While there are a number of destinations that deny the patronage of your furry friend, there are several Los Angeles gems that welcome your extended family with an open door.

Park Bench Café doggie dining area | © Orlando Cordero/Flickr

Park Bench Café

Family owned and operated since 1988, Park Bench Café welcomes the pack family without any hesitation. Featuring an all-star menu for us bipeds, they also offer a quirky and unique Canine Cuisine menu for your four-legged friend. Park Bench Café is definitely a favorite for both its extended menu, as well as its location. As a permanent fixture in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA this café finds its home among the picturesque landscape of Huntington Beach Central Park. Trees, grass, and a customized menu featuring dishes like the ‘hound dog heaven,’ and ‘bow wow wow chicken’ – what more can a dog ask for?

Street Food Cinema picnic and movie screen | © Angelica Argueta

Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park

Pesky signs throughout California state parks denounce playful pups from sharing their trails. However, there are some hidden gems throughout our wilderness that welcome any pup’s footprints on their paths. Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park is less well known than other dog friendly parks around LA. This particular patch of wilderness is located near Mulholland Drive in Encino, CA. It is easily accessible from either side of Los Angeles, north and south. Compared to hikes like Runyon and Eaton Canyon, Westridge-Canyonback offers wide-open trails that give way to panorama views of Los Angeles County. Another huge plus for this piece of less well known back country is that in certain areas dogs are allowed to be off leash. This gives your canine counterpart the opportunity to run wild and free – safely of course.

Street Food Cinema

A revolution has come to the feet of the typical movie night. Street Food Cinema offers at least one outdoor movie showing per weekend throughout the summer months in different cities around Los Angeles. They cover a wide range of film genres, as well as films both old and new. The best part about it is that they make the vast majority of their events dog friendly. This is a great opportunity to bring your dog along on a night out and enjoy some cuddles while hunkering down amongst a picnic-style gathering. What you bring to the showing is completely up to you, so you and your dog can be as comfortable as possible, even sharing a bite to eat from the many food trucks made available during each film. The live bands at each event add to the festivities of this summertime celebration.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Exclusive much? Rosie’s Dog Beach is the only dog friendly beach in Los Angeles. Sweetening the deal, it also gives you the option to have your pup off-leash. Located in Long Beach, this doggie waterfront offers three acres of salt and sand for your dog to enjoy. While this location is not central to the hub of Los Angeles, the welcoming environment and companionship between humans and canines alike is worth the drive. As a doggie parent, reputation is everything, and Rosie’s Dog Beach carries ahead of itself a positive legacy of wagging tails, sun, sand, and waves.

Sand and sun at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, CA | © Justin Rudd/WikiCommons

CityDog! Club

Home away from home is another name for this doggie hangout. With locations spanning across central Los Angeles, CityDog! Club’s promise is to “Make Them Feel Loved” which definitely fights the jitters when leaving your pet with others. Everything about CityDog! Club is about the canines that walk through their doors. They offer a community centered on the best interest of every dog breed. While this is primarily a boarding facility, dog owners are welcome to bring in their canine counterparts for a few hours of old fashioned play time. This facility also allows owners to log in online, and watch their pup’s interactions through a live webcam. In addition to all of this, CityDog! Club offers a spa environment with a full style bar, and extra services like blueberry facials.