Silver Lake's Top 6 Spots for a Great Night Out

Silver Lake's Top 6 Spots for a Great Night Out
Given the size and breadth of LA, winning best neighborhood is no easy task, but Silver Lake managed to take the prize. A small community centered around the Silver Lake reservoir, Silver Lake has won an armada of accolades through its winning combination of beautiful housing and active street life. Voted the Best Hipster neighborhood in America by Forbes, it can be hard to choose one activity above the rest, but here are six that will prove why Silver Lake’s popularity hasn’t waned.
Los Globos via LA Weekly

Los Globos

Los Globos isn’t for everyone. It’s wild, cramped and sweaty – which is exactly what some people love about it. With a history ranging from salsa bar to rave, Los Globos is an icon of nightlife and hard partying. Featuring punk and electronic musicians, this is a must-visit environment for any late-night dancers and partiers who want to party all night.

Los Globos, 3040 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, +1 323 666 6669

The Satellite via The Satellite
The Satellite via The Satellite

The Satellite

Music Venue
If the grunge and grit of Los Globos is too much for you, there is always The Satellite. A staple of the Southern California music scene, this famous indie-rock venue has been a revolving door for the most celebrated indie rockers of the past decade, including Beck and the White Stripes. It has even hosted international stars like the Buzzcocks, establishing a Satellite performance as a rite of passage for underground rock stars the world over.
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Silver Lake’s Picture Show

The only thing better than taking in a summer flick is taking it outdoors. In its fourth year, Silver Lake’s Picture Show is the perfect way to enjoy a warm, relaxing night. Running from June to September, the films screened at Sunset Triangle Plaza range from family to cult classics. Seating fills up fast at every screening, so grab a cooler, get there early and enjoy a movie in the LA air!

El Cid via Sistuh Girlfriend

El Cid

Bar, Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
4100 Bar via Yelp
4100 Bar via Yelp
Being the trendiest neighborhood in LA means there is more than just indie-rock and grunge venues. Established over 50 years ago, El Cid is still going strong, serving up snacks and flamenco dancing along with full meals and live bands. A family-friendly environment with some LA culture splashed in, El Cid is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a different kind of show.
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4100 Bar

If a traveler is looking to have a drink in a great atmosphere in Silver Lake, nothing beats 4100 Bar. Poised at the edge of Silver Lake, 4100 Bar is the most popular watering hole in the area. It might be the dim lighting, the Buddha statue or the silk canopies, but something about the 4100 Bar makes it the perfect hang-out. It isn’t as loud or as flashy as some of the other places in Silver Lake, but it’s the best for getting together with friends and enjoying trendy tunes and cheap drinks.

Red Lion Tavern via Red Lion Tavern

Red Lion Tavern

Modeled after a German pub, the Red Lion Tavern is top to bottom an old world tavern. Strewn with German banners and an impressive array of German beers on tap, it’s the closest thing to a European pub stateside. It’s also known for beers strong enough to floor even seasoned drinkers, and breakfasts good enough to fix them up the next morning. Red Lion Tavern has no tricks or glitz or glamor – just good drinks, good food and a good atmosphere.

Red Lion Tavern, 2366 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, +1 323 662 5337
By Nicholas Armstrong