Top Art Galleries in Sacramento

Pushing the boundaries of creativity
Pushing the boundaries of creativity | © Groundswell Gallery
Deanna Morgado

Sacramento’s art scene may be up-and-coming, but the city’s affinity for the arts runs deep. The best places to dive headfirst into this rich culture are art galleries—many of which line the streets of the state capital. But, several galleries stand out as impactful art hubs, exposing what the local world of art is capable of through exhibitions, live performances, and eclectic affairs.

1. Arthouse Gallery & Studios

Art Gallery

© Arthouse Gallery

Arthouse Gallery and Studios is a favorite among visitors and cherished by locals. The gallery is a noteworthy stop on Sacramento’s First Fridays and 2nd Saturday Art Walks, and is where visitors admire multiple forms of art media. There’s no need to pick between types of art here as sculptures, abstract works, photographs, and landscapes all feature. Arthouse also serves as the studios of the 19 contributing artists which visitors get to observe while wandering the space. A variety of classes and workshops are available at the Arthouse studios—ranging from the conventional Beginning Painting to the more intriguing iPad Painting workshop.

2. Groundswell Gallery

Art Gallery

© Groundswell Gallery

The rotating art exhibits and presentations at Groundswell Gallery keep visitors coming back week after week to catch new installations. The gallery is made up of contemporary art and design pieces that push the boundaries of creativity. Artists that possess ingenuity and an original approach to their medium are selected to contribute to the gallery. Although Groundswell Gallery only opened in February 2018, it’s making quite an impression on the once modern-art-lacking Midtown neighborhood.

3. The Brickhouse Gallery

Art Gallery

The Brickhouse
© The Brickhouse Gallery

Through theatrical events, performances, and live music shows, The Brickhouse Gallery is a solid pillar in Sacramento’s historic Oak Park neighborhood. The gallery regularly showcases communal gatherings in their back courtyard for guests after wandering the grounds, admiring the various media of art. Through these social events, often led by gallery curator Barbara Range, The Brickhouse Gallery serves as a venue for open discussions revolving around art and culture. It is an eclectic art hub received by anyone willing to share their personal art appreciation.

4. Kennedy Gallery

Art Gallery

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© Kennedy Gallery

In the Midtown neighborhood’s Lavender District, the Kennedy Gallery calls a lovely Victorian home. The couch-lined walls and intimate rooms emit a welcoming atmosphere, and a small bar area encourages food and drinks, too. The gallery is two stories—each room featuring diverse art media and often boasts a total of 15 featured artists at one time. Life-like sketches, quirky metal sculptures, original paintings, and tree-carved furniture take guests on a journey through the arts.

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