These Are the Cheapest Countries to Visit Where You Can Pay in US Dollars

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico | © Breezy Baldwin / Flickr

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Next time you pack your bags, pack your spare US dollars too!

Although there are many conveniences of paying by card, swiping comes with its own perils and hassles – especially while travelling. Most credit cards charge fees when used abroad, which can rack up quickly, plus you have to be very careful with your bank’s exchange rates. Credit card scams are yet another terrifying factor, which are even worse when you’re just trying to enjoy your holiday.

US dollars

So what’s the answer? If you’re comfortable travelling with cash, there are a surprising amount of countries that accept US dollars either as their official currency (dollarisation) or their official unofficial currency.

Using cash will allow you to know exactly how much you’re spending, which is another downfall of a card, and you’ll probably save money overall.

So where can you go?

Cambodia is a great start. The dollar is its second currency and the country, on the whole, is very affordable.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Then there’s Canada, which also honours US dollars as a currency despite having its own Canadian dollars. Ecuador, Palau, Turks & Caicos and Greece are great beach destinations where your dollars can be put to use, and then of course there’s Puerto Rico which, as a territory of the US, accepts dollars as its official currency.

Puerto Rico

India is another cheap and wonderful place to visit that tends to accept USD. Ethiopia and Panama are great options too.

Basically, there’s very little limit in terms of places where your dollar will go far. What are you waiting for?

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