The 10 Spookiest Haunted Houses Across The Globe

Jessica Dawdy

Ghost stories are told in countries around the world, from the United States to China. Many are associated with buildings that are said to be the sites of tragic or traumatic deaths. Whether you believe the stories or not, these eerie legends offer compelling insight into each region’s history and culture. In honor of Halloween, we’re rounding up some of the spookiest haunted houses across the globe.

Winchester Mystery House, United States

Rose Hall, Jamaica

Built in 1770, Rose Hall is one of Jamaica’s finest colonial homes, yet it is best known for being haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer. According to legend, English-born Annie moved to Haiti with her parents when she was 10 years old. Her parents died, leaving Annie to be raised by her Haitian nanny who introduced her to witchcraft and voodoo. As an adult, Annie moved to Jamaica and married John Palmer, owner of Rose Hall and its large sugar plantation. Over her years at Rose Hall, Annie is said to have murdered her three husbands and tortured slaves for entertainment, all using voodoo. Visitors today report seeing her riding her horse around the grounds looking for runaway slaves or standing on her balcony watching over the plantation. Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica, +1 888 767 3425

The Sallie House, United States

The Sallie House is a modest brick home, originally built in the mid-19th century. The house gained national attention in the 1990s when a young couple living in the home reported a series of paranormal encounters, which were documented by the TV show Sightings. The home is named for the spirit of a six-year-old girl who supposedly died in the home during a botched appendicitis surgery. While many of the occurrences reported in the house are mischievous, others, such as physical attacks on visitors and fire outbreaks, are distinctly more malevolent. The home continues to be studied by paranormal investigative teams, many of which report auditory phenomenon and temperature fluctuations. The Sallie House, 508 N. Second Street, Atchison, KS, USA

Chaonei No. 81, China

Ancient Ram Inn, England

Originally constructed in the 12th century, the Ancient Ram Inn is supposedly built on the intersection of two ley lines, which are conductors for spiritual activity. It’s also believed that the house sits on the remains of a 5,000-year-old Pagan burial ground. Over the centuries, the inn has been the site of black magic rituals, suicides, and ritual sacrifices. When it functioned as a bed and breakfast, guests often reported feelings of being touched or pushed, as well as seeing apparitions or experiencing general feelings of uneasiness. Ancient Ram Inn, Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK

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