Online Course: the Art and Science of Drawing

Unlock your inner Da Vinci with the help of an expert
Unlock your inner Da Vinci with the help of an expert | © Alinari Archives / Getty Images
Put pencil to paper under the guidance of an expert sketcher with this pre-recorded video course.

The Art and Science of Drawing

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© Prostock Studio / Getty Images

Budding or intermediate artists now have the chance to learn the fundamentals of drawing with this creative course. Sharpen your skills such as dynamic mark making, measuring and proportion, contouring and shading by watching more than four hours of pre-recorded video lessons. The programme walks you through the basics, with clearly demonstrated instructions, and shows you new techniques rarely seen outside private art academies. You’ll be able to apply these new skills to a wide range of subjects, including botanicals and figure drawing. And, since drawing is an essential skill for painters, the course is also recommended for anyone interested in painting.

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