Online Course: Origami Paper Crafts – Elementary Level

Wow friends and family with your quirky creations
Wow friends and family with your quirky creations | © TShum / Getty Images
Transform paper into three-dimensional shapes with this imaginative course on the magic of Japanese origami.

Origami Paper Crafts – Elementary Level

A man folding origami paper
© GEOLEE / Getty Images

With this fascinating course in the Japanese art of origami, you’ll quickly learn how to fold with precision and efficiency. Once you’ve armed yourself with paper and scissors you can dive into more than 30 lessons that will teach you fundamental skills such as following key folding patterns, drawing facial expressions and using effective marking to shape your paper into its intended form. The techniques taught will eventually result in you being able to conjure up a classic crane – a symbol of peace and good health in Japan – as well as aeroplanes, boats and even ninja throwing stars.

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