How to Make Unicorn Toast, Instagram's Favorite Healthy Snack

Courtesy Adeline Waugh |  Vibrant&Pure
Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure
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Wellness Editor12 July 2017

The highly ‘gramable “unicorn toast” trend, despite its sugary pastel hues, is actually deceptively healthy. Invented by food stylist Adeline Waugh, it’s also fairly simple to make. The My Little Pony-like shades are created by adding healthy powders and juices, like anti-inflammatory turmeric, to greek yogurt (or cream cheese if you prefer savory). Follow Adeline’s simple step-by-step instructions to make your own almost-too-pretty-to-eat unicorn toast.

Create your unicorn color palette

Lay out five bowls and add two tablespoons of yogurt or cream cheese to each, then create your colors.

Bright pink: Beet juice

Start with 1 teaspoon of beet juice and add slowly until you get a hue you like.

Orange / Yellow: Turmeric juice

Juice a 1-inch chunk of turmeric root. This stuff is potent, so add it drop by drop.

Green: Chlorophyll drops

Try three drops of chlorophyll and add more if required.

Blue: Spirulina powder

Slowly sprinkle the powder and stir as you mix. You should need around a 1/4-teaspoon.

Purple: Freeze-dried blueberry powder

Put a tablespoon of freeze-dried blueberries in a zip lock bag and use a rolling pin to smush them into a powder. Sprinkle and stir to create a pale purple color.

Pale Pink: Freeze-dried strawberry or raspberry powder

Repeat the above steps with freeze dried raspberries and strawberries for pastel pink.

How to make unicorn toast

First spread a layer of yogurt or cream cheese on your toast to form the base.

Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure

Then put a dollop of each color on top.

Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure

Use a chopstick or a butter knife to start blending. Be as precise or as experimental as you wish.

Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure

You could also paint block stripes of color…

Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure

Blend for an ombré effect…

Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure

And, if you’re planning on Instagraming it, add some decorative sprinkles for a little something extra.

Courtesy Adeline Waugh | Vibrant&Pure

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