The Most Outrageous Pizzas From Around the World

Pizza | (c) City Foodsters/Flickr
Pauline Mae De Leon

Once upon a time, the world of pizza used to be simple, ranging from the classic Italian Margherita to the simple Pepperoni pizza. It’s now 2017 and pizzaioli are making the most outrageous creations known to humankind. Apparently it’s now a thing to put gold on top of your pizza. That’s right—gold. We’ve gathered up a list on the most over the top inventions from pizza makers around the world.

The Chizza

If you’re all about protein, KFC’s fried chicken crust pizza is the one for you. Before making its way to Europe, this innovation originated from the Philippines, India, Japan and other parts of Asia. Sadly for all you US citizens out there, KFC has no plans to introduce it in the States.

Chocolate and marshmallow pizza

Who said pizza toppings could only be savory? For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, Max Brenner’s chocolate and marshmallow pizza will have you on cloud nine.

Squid ink pizza

It’s time to forget about your basic regular dough and venture into Skinny Pizza’s in Singapore to discover their squid ink pizza crust! Indulge in a seafood feast with fresh squid, prawns and tomato sauce accompanied by delicious herbs and fresh salad.

The $500 tequila-lobster pizza

That’s right, a pizza can now cost a month’s worth of rent. New York City’s Bodega Negra has come up with a unique creation consisting of the freshest lobster, Oscietra caviar, black truffle shavings, fresh avocado and mango and edible platinum flakes. What’s more—the pizza is infused with three shots of top-shelf Patrón tequila. Insane!

Pizza box pizza

Say goodbye to cardboard boxes and say hello to pizza boxes! Brooklyn’s very own Vinnie’s Pizzeria made the ultimate environment saver. It’s completely PIEodegradable (pun intended).

Full English breakfast pizza

A modern twist to the classic English breakfast with baked beans, eggs, tomatoes and bacon. It’s faster to make as everything is all in one dough, and you can have a bit of everything in just one bite. Outrageously convenient.

The $2000 gold leaf pizza

Of course we had to save the most eccentric for last. For the true pizza fanatics out there, this is the one for you. At the heart of New York’s Financial District, Industry Kitchen brings you their $2000 pizza. It’s topped with the finest English Stilton cheese, French foie gras and truffles, and Oscietra caviar. The final touch involves sprinkling 24-karat gold leaves on top, giving it a shiny and illuminating appearance. It’s too perfect to even consume!

Which one would you eat?

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