25 Amazing Travel Gadgets You Need For Your Fall Vacation

Fall leaves.
Fall leaves.
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Tech Editor12 July 2017

From light therapy glasses, heated insoles, to vibrant outdoorsy speakers, these travel gizmos are geared to brighten your fall vacation. The Culture Trip rounds up the latest tech to prepare your intrepid self for the colder, darker days ahead.


Luggage doesn’t need to be something that breaks your back anymore. Not only are suitcases more comfortable and easier to carry (or ride, see below), they are far more useful and, at times, entertaining. The Trunkster is a prime example. The suitcase boasts a zipperless entry, location tracking for those worried about losing luggage, USB charging, and it even weighs itself.

Cost: $325.

The Trunkster suitcase | © Trunkster

Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow looks ridiculous, there’s no denying it. But it’s a perfect travel companion for when you want to shut out the world and crawl into a womb-like safe space. Sometimes the silliest looking gadget is the one you use most.

Cost: $64.99

The Ostrich Pillow | © Ostrich

Avalanche Survival Pack

Fall can be a great time to head to the mountains for a spot of skiing, but it’s important to stay safe while out on the slopes. This backpack is designed with free skiers in mind, and can save them from being buried under an avalanche should conditions turn tricky. The backpacks have twin airbags, one on either side, and at the pull of the activation handle, helps skiers rise to the top of the debris.

Cost: $629

Ted Ligety and the ABS Avalanche Survival backpack | © ABS


Jet lag can ruin a holiday, and as such, everybody has their own cure. The Luminette may be one of the only ones based on actual science. The device shines white light and blue light into your eyes, giving you the same health benefits drawn from sunlight. A couple of hours of fake sunlight after you land at your destination can apparently do wonders for resetting the body clock.

Cost: $198

The Luminette | © Luminette

Anova Precision Cooker

Thanksgiving dinner when you’re away from home can be tricky. But one packable device could ease your Turkey fears. The Anova Precision Cooker works with a whole range of food and requires just a pan, water, and a zip lock bag. The device connects to an app so you can select what you’re cooking, put it in a bag and drop it in the pan, and the cooker does the rest.

Cost: $179.00

Anova Precision Cooker | © John Bedell Photography

Ultimate Ears Roll 2

You’ve got the drinks, you’ve got the people, you’ve got the setting. Now all you need is some reliable, easy-to-use speakers that can play the songs from your phone or any other device. The Ultimate Ears Roll 2 is waterproof and the design makes it extra fun.

Cost: $99.99

Ultimate Ears Roll 2 | © UE


Some people are zombies before their morning coffee, no matter where in the world they’re traveling. The Minipresso is a compact, handheld espresso machine, perfect to give you a shot of inspiration on those sleepy vacation mornings.

Cost: $59

The Minipresso | © Wacaco Company

Vodka Zinger

Step one: make your own vodka blend using the Vodka Zinger. Step two: take it anywhere you want and enjoy the use of the travel cap. Step three: have an amazing fall vacation.

Cost: $24.99

The Vodka Zinger | © Zing Anything


Ever dreamed of a full night’s sleep on an airplane? The Occles eye shades block out 100 percent of ambient light, giving you the best possible chance of sleeping through your flight, and making the most of your vacation when you arrive at your destination.

Cost: $23.99

Occles eye wear | © Occles


No matter how far you travel, at some point you’re going to need a connection to the rest of the world. The Skyroam Wi-Fi hotspot gives you unlimited data and Wi-Fi no matter where you are in the world. You can either rent or buy the device, and then pay for daily passes for 24 hour’s access to the internet.

Cost: $99.99

Skyroam Mobile Hotspot | © Skyroam

Cardiff Wings

Unless you’re a first class flyer, you probably have trouble getting comfortable on an airplane, especially if you’re trying to get comfortable. The headrests are rock hard, the provided pillow is too flimsy, and the angles are likely to do serious muscular damage to your neck. The Cardiff Wings clip onto any airplane seat and provides support to keep users’ heads and bodies upright.

Cost: $45

Cardiff Wings | © Cardiff Products

ThermaCell Heated Insole

Fall vacations can be chilly, and nothing can ruin a long hike, a trip out in the snow, or a long journey more than cold feet. The ThermaCell insole warms your feet up from inside the shoe. The insoles are activated wirelessly, are water-resistant, and use rechargeable batteries.

Cost: $129.99

Thermacell Insole | © Thermacell

Carry on Cocktail Kit

The Carry on Cocktail Kit is exactly what you imagine it to be: everything you need to mix a perfect cocktail while flying at 10,000 feet. There are a few different cocktails to choose from, including an Old Fashioned, a Moscow Mule, a Bloody Mary, and a Champagne Cocktail.

Cost: $24

The Carry on Cocktail Kit | © W&PDesign

Scrubba Bag

Laundry can be a challenge when on an extended vacation, especially when you’re traveling to more remote locations. The Scrubba Bag aims to help with that. It’s a very simple design, but let’s you wash your clothes on the go.

Cost: $55

The Scrubba Bag | © Scrubba

GoPro Hero5

If you’re type of vacation involves an element of adventure, then you’ll probably want to take an action camera along with you. The most prominent of these cameras is the GoPro, and the latest version offers voice control, a two-inch display, and is waterproof.

Cost: $399.99


The AirBolt smart lock makes your luggage a little safer. The device is unlocked using your smartphone, and includes a GPS so you know where your bags are when they go missing at the airport arrivals. The lock also provides alerts if you get unexpectedly separated from your luggage.

Cost: Pre-order, $70

The Airbolt Smart Lock | Airbolt

FreedomPop Sim Card

FreedomPop is a new kind of mobile phone plan. For as little as $20 per month you can get unlimited data, calls, and texts without signing a contract. For travelers, the company also gives you free international calling from over 60 countries, making it easy to stay in touch or plan for your next destination.

Cost: $20 per month

FreedomPop SIM Cards | © FreedomPop

Joby Action Suction Cup

Fall is a great time for a road trip, and if you have a GoPro, there are so many cool ways to document a long-distance drive. One method is to attach a GoPro to the side of your car, something which can prove risky. The Joby Action Suction Cup and arm securely fastens your camera to any smooth surface, including the side of your car.

Cost: $39.95

The Action Word Suction Cup | © Joby

Lume Cube

As days get shorter, so does the light available for getting great shots on your vacation. Action cameras like the GoPro have always struggled in the dark, and Lume Cube may just be the solution you’ve been looking for to light up your nighttime shoots. The external flash cube is waterproof and works with smartphones, digital camera, and, of course, the GoPro.

Cost: $79.99


Forget about those tiresome, grueling, sweaty walks through airports as you drag your luggage alongside you. The Modobag is a suitcase that carries you. The bag converts into an electronic scooter, making those rushes through the airport a lot more manageable, and entertaining.

Cost: $1,095 (preorder)

Samsung Gear 360

Capturing vacation memories on virtual reality is now a lot more affordable, in part thanks to devices such as Samsung’s Gear 360 camera. The ball-shaped device takes 360-degree videos, and allows you to watch them back on a Samsung VR headset.

Cost: $349

Samsung Gear 360 | © Samsung

Fitbit Flex 2

No matter where you go on vacation, you’ll probably end up doing at least a little bit of exercise, whether that’s at the airport, on the beach, or in the mountains. Fitness trackers not only record your level of activity, but they also give you a chance to show off to your friends, too. The latest Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof, meaning you can measure your swimming, and also tracks your sleep.

Cost: $99.95

Fitbit Flex 2 | © Fitbit

GoPro Karma

Drones are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. And taking one on vacation can change the way you capture your memories. GoPro’s first drone gives you the chance to capture amazing photos and videos from way up. The drone is designed to be able to fit into a backpack, and can be folded up and carried around in one case.

Cost: $799.99

TravelCard Charger

There’s not many more annoying things than a dead phone battery just when you want to take that killer photo, or desperately need directions to the nearest train station. The TravelCard charger looks to ease your low battery fears, providing an ultra-thin charging devices that works for iPhones and Android devices.

Cost: $29

Wireless Headphones

Sometimes your travels need a soundtrack. The most convenient way to take in some music while on the move is with wireless headphones. The Culture Trip rounded up some of the best options now that iPhones no longer have a headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 and AirPods | © Apple

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