The Best Markets in and Around Casco Viejo, Panama

Villa Agustina
Villa Agustina | © Brittney Schering
Brittney Schering

Casco Viejo is the heart of art and creativity in Panama City and one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in. Full of gorgeous historical architecture and winding roads lined with lovely restaurants and cafés, Casco Viejo is also known for its eclectic markets. Here are the best ones to explore.

Enjoy Panamanian products

Pixvae Market is the best that Panama has to offer. Find everything from crafts to snacks in this dual market and café in Panama City. From the coffee to the souvenirs, items in Pixvae are 100% authentically Panamanian.

Local craft market stall

Admire art while getting a buzz

Jerónimo offers an upscale art gallery and bar. This sophisticated, dual-purpose watering hole is famous for hosting joint art shows and a late-night social scene simultaneously. Creative folks love Jerónimo. If you are partial to art, or the art-inclined, check this place out. Make sure you dress to impress.

Shop at the local art market

The incredibly eclectic, local art market of Villa Agustina is also directly across the street from Pedro Mandinga. Inside are various incredible local vendors with amazing crafts and creations for sale, all of which make wonderfully precious souvenirs.

Villa Agustina

Shop along the promenade

The Amador Causeway boasts a great collection of shops along the promenade. Enjoy the beautiful view of the city and ships waiting to enter the famous Canal as you pop in and out of everything from high-end boutiques to signature souvenir shops for a bit of retail therapy unique to Panama.

Casco Viejo, Panama City

Mercado de Abastos

Mercado de Abastos is the local fish market where you can go to find everything from a bite to eat to a deliciously refreshing drink and even authentic souvenirs. This authentic market is native to Panama City and the locals treasure it just as much as traveler do. A trip to Panama City is not complete without a visit to Mercado de Abastos.

Farmer’s fresh produce markets

All throughout Panama City, local farmer’s markets pop up with wide assortments of whatever is fresh from the field. From divine, delicious fruits to exotic spices, some markets are huge and others are a collection of small stands on a street corner. Try them all.

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