Great Venues to Watch Charrería in Guadalajara, Mexico

Lienzo Charro Ignacio Zermeño Padilla is one of the top places to watch charrería in Guadalajara
Lienzo Charro Ignacio Zermeño Padilla is one of the top places to watch charrería in Guadalajara | © agefotostock / Alamy Stock Photo
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Charrería is Mexico’s national sport: a sort of rodeo all about skilled horsemanship, bravery and pride. There are plenty of lienzos charros (arenas where charrería is performed) in the Mexican state of Jalisco, with some of the most prominent in the city of Guadalajara. Culture Trip rounds up of some of the best venues in Guadalajara where you can watch charrería and discover the skill and art of this traditional sport.

1. Lienzo Charro Ignacio Zermeño Padilla

Sports Center, Stadium

A charreada (Mexican rodeo) at the Lienzo Charro Zermeno, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
© Blaine Harrington III / Alamy Stock Photo
This venue is one of the best-known places for charrería in Guadalajara. Its round walls are easy to identify as they contrast with the local architecture in such a traditional and peaceful neighbourhood. The venue hosts not only the charrería, but also weddings, big parties and social events.

2. Campo Charro Jalisco

Stadium, Sports Center

Aficionada mexicana con susombrero de charro, durante la Serie del Caribe en estadio de los Charros de Jalisco en Guadalajara, Mexico, Martes 6 feb
© Luis Gutierrez/ / Alamy Stock Photo
Traditional Mexican horsemanship competitions take place here every year to select the finalist for the national championship. There is a canopy to cover guests from the sun, which is essential in the Mexican heat, and it also has stalls for refreshments. The Campo Charro Jalisco venue hosts the annual Día del Charro (Charro’s National Day) celebration every 14th of September, making it an authentic venue to experience charrería.

3. Lienzo Charro Nito Aceves

Cathedral, Sports Center, Stadium

Known by some as the Charro’s Cathedral of the West, Nito Aceves features the Charros and the impeccably dressed riders of the escaramuzas (the female team), proving their courage. Located near the Cajititlán Lake, this is a beautiful natural environment and is perfect for the charrería.

4. Arena VFG

Stadium, Sports Center

Tlajomulco, Mexico. 17th Feb, 2020. Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez participates in the celebration of his 80th anniversary, during a charro tournament held at the VFG Arena in the city of Tlajomulco state of Jalisco Mexico, 16 February 2020. Mexican s
© EFE News Agency / Alamy Stock Photo
Arena VFG is named after Vicente Fernández Gómez, a Mexican singer. The arena is a forum for exhibitions, fairs, congresses and sports exhibitions; its detachable lienzo charro hosts charrería. The arena can hold more than 15,000 people and is only five minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the historic center of Guadalajara.

5. Lienzo Charro Jesús Jarero

Stadium, Sports Center

East of the city in the Tonalá municipality, this open arena is covered in traditional colors where the prints of the charros mounted on their horses are still visible. Jesús Jarero is not the most elegant place, but it is certainly original and authentic, meaning it’s definitely worth a visit.

Additional reporting by Vanessa Gainford

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