The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Guadalajara, Mexico

There are many delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Guadalajara
There are many delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Guadalajara | © Lucas Vallecillos / Alamy Stock Photo
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More often than not, vegetarians and vegans can find themselves with a limited choice of dining options. However, the world is changing, and there has been a significant shift in wellness and healthy eating, with more places offering vegetarian or plant-based meals. Guadalajara, Mexico, is one of those places; here are the top veggie-friendly spots in this vibrant Mexican city.

1. Vegetariano Zanahoria

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While Vegetariano Zanahoria looks small from the outside, its dining area is expansive, complete with high ceilings and botanical decor that make you feel as if you’re outdoors. It also provides a welcome break from the Mexican heat. The hearty portions are well priced, allowing you to get your money’s worth. Salads, soups, main courses – such as mushroom meatballs and vegetable-stuffed baked plantain – and aguas frescas (fruit drinks) are all on offer. A trip to the health food store in front of the restaurant is also worthwhile.

2. Falafel Marsella

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Unsurprisingly, this restaurant specializes in falafel – the Middle Eastern dish that is essentially a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans or both. In the heart of Guadalajara, Falafel Marsella puts a Mexican spin on the dish, and it’s incredible. Served in wraps or pita bread, it’s an excellent option for a quick lunch, giving you more time to explore the city. Adding hummus to your falafel heightens the taste and enhances the Mexican spices. There is a well-rounded menu that also favors dishes such as couscous and chickpea croquetas.

3. Vrindavan Deli

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A staple of meat-free dining in the heart of Guadalajara, Vrindavan Deli puts Indian and Pakistani twists on vegetarian food and comes highly recommended. The buffet is a huge draw and features lots of spicy, Indian-inspired, vegetable-based dishes, making it a great option for anyone craving a different kind of spice to the chile de árbol that features heavily in Mexican cuisine. It’s a dining experience that will feed both the body and the soul.

4. El Vegano

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El Vegano is a cruelty-free restaurant with a charming aesthetic, complete with little flowerpots hanging from the ceiling, and offers takeaway, dine-in or delivery options. It serves 100 percent vegan cuisine and uses local products to put an innovative touch on traditional Mexican food. Drink-wise, you’ll find fresh juices and smoothies, which are great if you’re looking for something lighter or just don’t have the time to stop and enjoy the food here.

5. Edén

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With the motto “feed, nourish, heal,” Edén offers delicious vegan comfort food in a friendly environment. Each dish is made with fresh ingredients and has an artisanal flair that takes vegan food to a gastronomic level. The vegetable tempura is a must – pumpkin, carrot, mushroom and onion coated in crispy tempura, accompanied by spicy soy sauce. If you fancy something a little more authentic, try the Tex-Mex nachos with cheese, pico de gallo, chile toreado (blistered chilies), black beans and fried seitan. A trip here is sure to curb any cravings.

6. La Flaca

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Loosely translated as “the skinny girl,” La Flaca offers food that is so tasty that one portion won’t be enough, and with such an eclectic range of dishes to choose from, you’ll likely end up ordering too much. Described as alternative Mexican cuisine, this vegan establishment offers twists on traditional dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, including donuts. It has a vibrant yet boho vibe, and it’s dog-friendly, complete with dog beds, treats and water.

7. El Vegano Urbano

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El Vegano Urbano is a rustic, 100 percent vegan Mexican eatery that is more of a pit stop for food than an actual restaurant. It offers vegan fast food, including plant-based ribs, onion rings, burgers, wraps and hotdogs – all tasty and filling. The guacamole – authentically Mexican with fresh herbs and spices – is a must-order.

8. El Jardin

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El Jardin embraces its name, complete with trees, hanging vines, plants and fairy lights. Using local fresh produce, the restaurant offers an eclectic mix of dishes, including pizza, dumplings, coffee, açai bowls, tacos, skewers, sandwiches and smoothies. With a special focus on herbs and plants, the super-friendly team knows how each ingredient can benefit you.

9. Krishna Vegan

Restaurant, Vegan

This vegan restaurant has a rustic yet colorful theme, with Krishna decorations, such as Buddhas, and spiritual music. Embracing it all only enhances the experience here. At Krishna Vegan, the food is reasonably priced, tasty and super fresh. Offering local coffee and fresh fruit in the morning and tostadas, hotdogs, tacos and more throughout the day, there is something for everyone. It even has vegan alcohol to enjoy with your evening meal.

10. Avellana Vegana

Restaurant, Vegan

Avellana Vegana offers everything from plant-based burgers to dessert and makes good use of its small, vibrant space. Yet it’s the attention to detail in the dishes that steals the show – perfectly seasoned and presented well – with the potato cheese burrito being a highlight. Here, you can expect delicious fare and great, friendly service.

Additional reporting by Vanessa Gainford

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