How to spend 24 hours on Long Island, Bahamas

Bahamas National Bird: Pink Flamingo
Bahamas National Bird: Pink Flamingo | © Konrad Herrman/Flickr
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Long Island, one of the most popular of the 700 islands that make up The Bahamas, is home to the largest blue hole in the world and has some of the best beaches in the country known for having extremely clear waters and beautiful white sand. Due to the relatively low human population for its size, it is also extremely tranquil and a great place for exploration.

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Charter Fishing Bahamas

This fishing charter offers a wide range of options from deep-sea fishing, Spearfishing, inshore fishing, and beach excursions. Guests can decide what they wish to do during their trip, and an itinerary is tailored accordingly. The company also provides all equipment such as fishing rods, spears, slings, and dive gear.


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Long Island Library & Museum

This museum gives a historical account of the history, culture, and customers of Long Island. Once consisting of thatched roofs, oil lamps, goose irons and more, guests will get to see how homes used to look before modernization. The museum also includes some Bahamian artwork such as straw work, seashells, and Junkanoo costumes.

Beach shells

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Dean’s Blue Hole

Located in Clarence Town on Long Island, this is the deepest known blue hole in the world measuring at 663 feet (202 meters). A large underwater sinkhole and filled with a wide diversity of marine wildlife such as fish, rays, sharks, turtles and crustaceans, blue holes are similar to a naturally-made aquarium.

Warning sign at Dean’s Blue hole

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Bahamas Discovery Quest

This island tour is perfect for those who want a guide in exploring the island. Tourists’ interests create a completely customizable experience that allows you to create your own itinerary and have a guide’s accompaniment to any desired destinations on the island. Some of the most popular points of interest are Dean’s Blue Hole, Hamilton’s Cave, Deadman’s Cay Cave, The Long Island Museum, the natural pools, and looking at Long Island flamingos. Tourists can also set appointments with Bahamian Craft Artists and watch them create art pieces.

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Cape Santa Maria Resort and Villas

Lastly, after spending the day exploring the island, return to one of Long Island’s most luxurious resorts. Ranked the second-most romantic resort in The Bahamas, it is located directly on Cape Santa Maria. This four-mile beach has been recognized as one of the top 10 beaches in the world, renowned for having extremely bright white sand and crystal clear blue waters.

white sand

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