Image by Toronto based illustrator Jeannie Phan

Insider Travel Guide to Toronto

Toronto is a city that embraces the other. Over half its residents were born elsewhere. They hail from nearly every country in the world and speak over 140 languages. Toronto is also home to Canada’s largest LGBTQ community. No matter who you are or where you come from, Toronto welcomes you. All this diversity is built into the very structure of Toronto; every neighborhood has its cultural thumbprint. Stumble upon one of the city’s six Chinatowns, then get pulled into a Kensington Market street party before being seduced by the aromas from Little Italy’s trattorias. Take the diversity out of Toronto and you take “the 6ix” out of the 416.

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The Best of Toronto Tourism

Toronto is best known for its needle-sharp CN Tower. It may not be quite as famous as the Eiffel Tower, but what the city lacks in over-Instagrammed landmarks, it makes up for with its neighborhoods. In The Harbourfront you’ll find Union Station and a bevy of museums. From there, take a ferry to the Toronto Islands. Back in Downtown, see The Annex, where academia meets bohemia; Riverdale, where Greek and Chinese cuisines collide; and St Lawrence Market, AKA foodie heaven.

Neighborhoods in Toronto