Toronto Fashion Bloggers To Keep An Eye Out For

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Ever notice how people are always raving about the fashion in New York, Paris, and Milan? While we’re not ones to disagree, Toronto also has some killer fashionistas that deserve a little more love. Whether you’re more of an edgy street styler or a classic fashion maven, keep an eye on these Toronto babes and dudes for inspiration on your next #ootd.

The Blondielocks

The name ‘Blondielocks‘ couldn’t be more apt for blogger Kaylee Giffin. With a head full of gorgeous, flowing golden locks, Kaylee’s style epitomizes whimsical. Often clad in white midi dresses, fedoras, and bursts of floral, she is never seen without a smile. Her Instagram feed is a delectable all-white space brimming with summer outfit inspiration.


Jodiblk is the perfect union of grace and edge. We know those don’t seem like two characteristics the same person would generally embody, but just trust us on this one. Armed with a wardrobe in a colour scheme of grey, white, and, of course, black, Jodi is one chic lady. Always putting minimal pieces together with a fierce pair of sunnies, she is as stylish as they come. Perfect for everyday #ootd planning, if you ask us.

Jetset Justine

Justine Iaboni is a fashionista if there ever was one. She is not afraid to mix it up and try new things from time to time. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, take a gander at her blog or Instagram. With quick wits and a dash of sass, Jetset Justine is as entertaining to read as it is easy on the eyes. It doesn’t hurt that her boo, Alexander Liang, is also a hugely successful fashion blogger and stylish in his own right. Did someone say #PowerCouple?


Dubai-born Karen Mascerenhas is brains, beauty, and brawn all tossed into one. Currently completing a Masters in Engineering at the Rotman School of Management, finals season has nothing on her effortless sense of style. Karen is also a huge proponent of yoga and has the flexibility to show for it. Dedicated to fashion and wellness, Kfashionstop follows her as she makes Toronto more stylish one outfit at a time.

Global Garçon

Michael Biro of Global Garçon has minimal menswear down to a T. Think crisp linen shirts, lots of white tees, and classic white kicks. Michael has a fantastic eye for detail, always sporting a handful of accessories. Would you take a look at that arm candy? In spite of having moved to Toronto a short two years ago, this global garçon sure seems to have a hold on Toronto style.

Modesty Off The Runway

It’s not every day that you see the modesty of the East being blended into fashion so effortlessly. Describing their style as the meeting point between modesty and taste, Maha and Nemah are masters of draping delectable silhouettes, be it in subtle pastel pink or Yeezy-esque khaki green. These two have you and your girl squad covered on what to wear the next time you want to paint the town red.

Mr Lance Chung

Did someone say dapper? Simply put, Lance Chung is a classy guy. Often clad in tailored suits, he is a fashion powerhouse. Originally from Banff, Alberta, Lance moved to Toronto to work at Sharp magazine and now rides solo as a freelance writer and brand consultant. Basically, he knows what he’s doing. Think it’s time to up your style game? You know where to look.

Outside The Runway

Taking bits from Delhi, Vancouver, and Toronto, Manya Sibal’s style is a lovely blend of the cities she has called home. Whether it’s styling everyone’s new favourite – mom jeans – or draping a scarf over a midi dress à la the dupatta, it’s obvious Manya has a solid sense of style behind her blog. She discusses #petitepeopleproblems on Outside the Runway from time to time, so if that’s something you face, head on over and give her a read.


Shantel has that laid-back, chic style memorized like the back of her hand, but don’t let that fool you. She can switch from Vans to peep toes just as easily, and kill it at all the same. Lazy Sunday? Make like Shantel and throw a bomber over your comfy Mickey Mouse sweater. Better yet, throw on a t-shirt dress and sneakers and call it a day. Who cares if you didn’t actually just leave the gym looking a million bucks? People will sure think you did!


Suits, on suits, on suits. This dude knows how to take an ensemble and max it out (like your credit card once you’ve seen his wardrobe). With his hair always styled to perfection, or occasionally hidden under a felt hat, he knows how to stand out and loves doing just that. Check him out at KishStyle.

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