11 Things People Miss When They Move Away from Oman

Wadi Shab
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Oman is one of these rare countries that makes you feel home when you arrive. Whether you have lived there for years or even just a few days, the people’s friendliness, the kind atmosphere and generous culture will make you feel like you belong. To prove this point, here are the most precious things that people usually miss when they leave Oman.

Omanis kind hearts

Omani people treat visitors like family. They invite them to their houses, give them some of the most delicious Omani food and ask about their wellbeing. Omanis also help in hard times and join in celebrations. Whether visitors stay for years or even one week, Omanis welcome them warmly and try to make them have a pleasant visit to their country. That’s why, the Omani people and their kind hearts are one of the main things that people miss when they leave.

Omanis at the Fish Market

Peacefulness of Oman

Through its natural beauty and the simplicity of its towns, Oman is a perfect escape from all the sophisticated lives, buildings and noise of many of the other modern countries. Life is slower in Oman so visitors feel they have time to relax and to sort out their minds or think about their problems. The surrounding nature and calmness of the country gives people peace and quietness to enjoy their stay; something they miss when they leave.

Desert Night Camp

The scent of frankincense

Frankincense used to be the precious gift that was given to kings and royalty around the world. Its essence would purify temples, mosques and sacred places. It was also believed to cure from some diseases. Although visitors can take some frankincense back home, they miss the frankincense smell that is in every Omani house and which sometimes fills the roads and areas around.

Burning Frankincense

The mouthwatering dates

Almost every house in Oman has its own date farm. Omanis either eat them fresh or dry them and produce date honey. Their mouthwatering and sweet taste distinguishes them from other types of dates of the Arab Peninsula.


The architectural beauty

The unique Omani culture and heritage is also reflected in its spectacular architecture. This is clearly seen in its magnificent forts and castles, its wonderful mosques, and even in the simplicity of its houses. From the Arabic calligraphy engraved on the walls, to the unique Islamic and Arabic decorations, Omani architecture is one of a kind.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The magnificent mountains

Oman is the land of the mountains. Everywhere people go, there is a piece of mountain. It is an essential, unique part of Oman’s nature beauty and part of the people’s culture, as they have adapted to living on them and prepare their rocky ground for farming. With their variety of colors, and interesting rocky formations, the Omani mountains have a rare and unique beauty.

Oman Mountain

The charming beaches

Oman’s beaches offer visitors white or golden sands, crystal clear or turquoise waters, beautiful and unique sea creatures, and clear blue skies. These beaches are usually surrounded by marvelous mountains and shaded by high fruity palm trees. This mind-blowing natural mix is rarely found in any other country but Oman.


The ancient forts

Oman is full of forts and castles. They are a complete mind-blowing walk through the splendid Omani heritage, knowledge, achievements and culture. This rich history is something to be deeply missed when people move away from Oman.

Jabreen Castle

The traditional dances

Omani people have their own folklore and dances that reflect their culture and traditions. They enjoy performing these dances during social events like weddings and following new births, as well as on national occasions like Oman’s National Day and Sultan Qaboos’s birthday. Men and women who perform these dances usually wear traditional outfits and men wear the khanjar in belts around their waists.

Dancing Men

The natural beauty

Oman is surrounded by natural beauty in every corner of its lands. From the magnificent mountains, to the green wadis, the crystal waters, the unique rocky formations, the charming beaches, the marvelous islands and the rare plants and trees. Oman is a perfect escape for all nature lovers.

Wadi Tiwi

The sense of adventure and exploration

Oman is one of the best destinations for adventure seekers. It offers hiking and rock-climbing through its various mountains and wadis. It offers horse and camel racing as well as ship racing through the different competitions that it organizes. It gives swimmers, divers and snorkelers all the beautiful beaches, crystal waters and amazing sea creatures that they dream about. It also satisfies campers and adventure seekers with the deserts, sand dunes and caves that they need. Whatever explorers look for, Oman has everything they need.

Omani Ship Race

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