Trendy Trousers You Should Wear Now

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© Dvora / REX / Shutterstock | © Dvora / REX / Shutterstock

Your love for denim will never die, but you might want to have a little frisson with these mighty fine pieces of non-regulation leg-wear in 2017.

It’s STILL cold and there’s no doubt that people are beginning to freak out, because no-one genuinely likes tights, do they? They’re the bane of most women’s existence, a statement made obvious by the fact that in a bid to do away with them for good, designers have cut them down and invented the sock shoe, and have also come up with 500 new ways to wear denim – just to make sure you never have to wear them. And if that wasn’t enough to ensure women could avoid suctioning themselves into the most claustrophobic item in their wardrobe, some extra-nice designers have gone and invented a whole lot of statement trousers to sport any day of the week. Your legs are free!

From flared leopard print numbers, to a dash of zebra, silver, pink (obviously) and every pattern under the sun (which, in spite of evidence to the contrary, we genuinely believe is still out there somewhere) there’s no excuse not to adopt a snazzy new pair of trousers to help you through the rest of winter. Wear with whatever you like, maximalism is the trend of the year and the more you can clash, the better. Read on for our favourite selection of statement pieces to buy now (there’s also some here), and some style inspiration from Culture Trip staff.

Hearts and Crafts

Hearts & craft

When Gucci walked a series of heavily embroidered denim pieces for SS17, they were instantly copied by high street stores. However the rise of customised denim has enjoyed a slower evolution, starting with DKNY patch pieces a few years ago, and permeating its way into collections as diverse as Ashish AW16 and Clio Peppiatt. Early adopters may be looking for a new way to shake things up, which is where lace comes into play. Add to the bottom of your best black trousers and hey presto: an instant crafty update. Seen in the above photo is a nice raw edge, which is helpfully also on trend. For a designer take, we recommend the Marques Almedia jeans, though you can just as easily cut a frayed edge of your own with a pair of kitchen scissors. For full crafty vibes though, covet a lace trim by Kobi Halperin.

Lace hem cropped trousers by Kobi Halperin

Wear wool-to-work

High waist wool

Big kid trousers are back, in the form of straight legged woollen numbers. Add a high waist and a pair of chunky boots for an easy way of taking suit trousers from boring banker to suave social media manager – peacocking is in style, just roll with it. The wonderful thing about suit trousers is that designers are offering a versatile colour palette to embrace, this winter. For the ladies, Miu Miu’s stormy pink pair are an über trendy option, but you’ll look just as slick in Joseph’s jute-blend version below. Men should covet Heicho’s linen offer or Satisy’s tailored track pants.

Ombria jute-blend trousers by Joseph

Say YES to animal print

Say yes to animal print

Leopard print is officially the hue of the season. Adopt it with fervour (why not try these?) to deliver maximum impact as you go about your daily business. To dress up, add a quirky accessory, like this hat, or commit to leopard print and add a coat; coat and leopard print jumper; or coat, jumper and boots to the mix. Alternatively, do as Topshop dictates and embrace zebra print.

Leopard print cropped trousers by P.A.R.O.S.H.

Corduroy is King

Print it

When Prada sends out a dictat that corduroy is ‘in’, men and women alike better shape up or ship out. The shade to play for is sandy beige, but failing that a sage green, off-white or acorn brown will do. For the ladies, this pair from Chloé promises to solve most of your sartorial problems, while for men, it has to be these. Next-level cord lovers should probably try the ones below, from Martine Rose.

Fold-front wide-leg cotton-corduroy trousers by Martin Rose

Winter whites

Wide leg and white

We know, we know: you’ve been doing this for yonks, but it’s always worth remembering that white trousers actually are for all the days after Labour Day, and then some. Cropped, flared, straight, billowly, with tie, without: we honestly can’t get enough. We especially love this one below – you can buy them here.

Phoebe floral-print silk tiered trousers by Vilshenko

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