Everything You Need to Know About the University of Warwick

Mathematics students come to study at this beautiful building
Mathematics students come to study at this beautiful building | ©Mike1024/WikiCommons
Niraj Shah

Many people know The University of Warwick as a plate glass university, founded in 1965, with high international rankings. However, there are some lesser known facts about the university, such as their society’s creative fundraising methods, their unique London campus, and the fact that it’s not actually in Warwick at all…

What’s the white cone outside?

It’s hard to miss when going to the Arts Centre

This is the big white cone structure that is now located in Gibbet Hall but was originally located near the arts centre. But what purpose does it serve? Well the Koan was originally designed by Lilian Ljin to symbolise the Buddhist quest for questions without answers. It was originally in Plymouth before it was moved to Warwick in 1972.

They have an inspirational motto

The University of Warwick’s motto is “Mens Agitat Molem.” In English this is translated as “Mind Over Matter.” So the main message that the motto is trying to get across is that the mind is so powerful, and it even has the power to shake mountains. One way this motto could be interpreted is that if students at the university put their mind and focus in achieving their goals, then nothing can stop them.

One of their sports teams supports charity in a very creative way

The men’s team of the University of Warwick Boat Club, also known as the Warwick Rowers, has produced an annual wall calendar featuring their team members naked since 2009. Since 2012, the calendar has grown in fame, with the women’s team now also producing a naked calendar. Some of the profits now go to Sport Allies, a programme that reaches out to young people being challenged through bullying or low self-esteem.

There are some renowned alumni

Stephen Merchant studied Film and Literature and graduated at 1996

There are a lot of world famous artists, comedians, poets, writers, and other celebrities that have studied at the University of Warwick. These include Stephen Merchant, Sting, and Germaine Greer.

It’s not where you would expect it to be

Even though the name of the university is Warwick, it isn’t actually located in Warwick. The university is actually located three miles from Coventry, with many students in their second and third year living in the nearby town of Leamington Spa.

Students get a chance to mingle at university summits

Warwick University hosts many major student-run events, including Warwick Economics Summit, Warwick Energy Conference, and Warwick China Summit. The Warwick Economics Summit is a student-run international forum which attracts students from 14 different universities, including Harvard, Princeton, LSE, and University of Oxford, and past speakers have included John Nash and Vince Cable.

They are very highly ranked

As of May 2017, Warwick was ranked as the 8th best university by the Guardian and is the most targeted university by the U.K.’s top 100 graduate employers. It is also 57th in the world overall by the QS World University Rankings, as of September 2017.

They’ve got an ultra-modern venue

The Shard, which hosts part of University of Warwick, rising above London

Warwick Business School is expanding its London base; they already operate from the Shard and are expanding their executive programme into the 13th floor of the iconic building.

There’s always something to do

There are over 250 societies aimed at students, ranging from the everyday to the weird and wonderful. Student stargazers can try out the Astronomy Society, and there’s even a FIFA society for fans of the game. There’s something for every student, and with society balls and tours to holiday destinations, getting involved is one of the most fun things for students to do.

They’ve got a long-standing sporting rivalry with Coventry

Every year, rival universities go head to head in a tournament known as Varsity, with Warwick going up against their neighbours, Coventry University. Featuring a range of sports from American football to squash and fencing, this is the perfect opportunity for students from both universities to engage in some friendly competition.

This article was written in association with The Boar, a student publication based at the University of Warwick.

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