11 of the Most Haunted Hotels Around the World

The King James Suite with its 20ft Queen Anne Four Poster Bed | Courtesy of Lumley Castle
The King James Suite with its 20ft Queen Anne Four Poster Bed | Courtesy of Lumley Castle
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Travel Expert30 October 2017

This Halloween we take you on a tour of the world’s most haunted hotels and the famous ghosts who have checked-in for all eternity.

1. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

This iconic hotel famously inspired Stephen King’s classic horror story The Shining, but something far more real roams the corridors after dark. Guests can specifically request haunted rooms and the hotel’s resident clairvoyant, Madame Vera, can communicate with the spirit realm. Patrons have reported seeing the soul of Flora Stanley (who co-founded the hotel) and smelling her rose-scented perfume around the building.

The historic Stanley Hotel is at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park | © Phillip Rubino/Shutterstock

2. Lumley Castle, County Durham

Lumley Castle has one of the oldest ghosts on this list. Legend goes that the 14th-century lady of the manor, Lily Lumley, was murdered by two Catholic priests after refusing to convert. Her body was thrown down a well and her tortured soul has been wandering the eerily beautiful grounds ever since.

The King James Suite with its 20ft Queen Anne Four Poster Bed | Courtesy of Lumley Castle

3. Castle Leslie, County Monaghan, Ireland

This Irish castle is steeped in history, some of which comes back to haunt it. The Red Room is frequented by the ghost of Norman Leslie, a descendant of Bishop Leslie, who bought the land in the 1600s. Norman, who died in battle during World War I, often returns to his room to ruffle papers and shush noisy guests. The Mauve Room is also haunted by the spirit of Lady Constance Leslie, who visits to levitate the bed.

Castle Leslie | Courtesy of Authentic Ireland

4. Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

This towering icon of the Bangkok skyline came at a tragic cost to human life. Three construction workers fell to their deaths while installing a billboard on the 70th floor and some believe their ghosts now haunt the building. Guests have reported a general feeling of unease and that their belongings have mysteriously moved while they’ve been away.

Cityscape with Baiyok tower in Bangkok | © All About Space/Shutterstock

5. Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taiwan

The hotel’s management are at pains to dispel rumours of hauntings, but many guests have reported feelings of anxiety and unease caused by other-worldly visitations. The hotel was built on a former military factory and who knows, maybe the spirits of munitions workers return to the site and disturb the guests. There’s definitely more than meets the eye to this impressive landmark.

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Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei | © Chi-Hung Lin/Flickr

6. Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California

The Roosevelt was once at the epicentre of life in La La Land. So wild were its parties that many celebrities who’ve passed on have decided to come back. It’s believed the spirits of silver screen stars Montgomery Clift (a contemporary of Marlon Brando and James Dean) and Marilyn Monroe still haunt their favourite rooms. The hotel’s Blossom Room, which hosted the first ever Oscars, is supposedly visited by an unidentified tuxedoed figure.

The facade of famous historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, which first opened in 1927 | © IVAN IVANOVICH DAN/Shutterstock

7. Lord Milner Hotel, Matjiesfontein, South Africa

The town of Matjiesfontein played a key role in the Anglo-Boer War and is considered the most haunted town in South Africa. However the Lord Milner Hotel isn’t haunted by the spirits of dead soldiers, but by the ghosts of three women: Lucy, Kate and a spectre known only as the Woman in White. Each ghost has their idiosyncrasies, for example Kate visits the card room where she used to enjoy a flutter, while the Woman in White rattles doors until she’s let out to wander the gardens.

The historic Lord Milner Hotel, built in 1899 | © Grobler du Preez/Shutterstock

8. Gran Hotel Bolivar, Lima, Peru

The Gran Hotel Bolivar is one of Latin America’s most beautiful and prestigious hotels, but with a dark past. It’s seen a number of murders and suicides, the ghosts of many who died there trapped within its walls and condemned to wander the enormous building for eternity. Many have also reported seeing the ethereal spectre of a bellhop who disappears before their eyes.

Gran Hotel Bolivar | © Peter Burka/Flickr

9. Eastwell Manor Hotel, Ashford, Kent

Eastwell is a hotbed of paranormal activity, and many visitors to the sleepy village in the Kent Downs have seen a spectral horseman riding towards the manor. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, Eastwell Manor Hotel is home to the mysterious White Lady, often seen wandering through the corridors by the night porters. Although no one knows who she is.

© Eastwell Manor Hotel

10. Hotel Windsor, Melbourne, Australia

This grand old hotel has hosted some of the worlds most famous theatrical and operatic talents since it was founded in the early 19th century. One patron in particular still haunts the corridors of the sprawling, labryinthine building in downtown Melbourne. Guests claim they can hear the voice of Australian opera legend Dame Nellie ringing out as she wanders the halls at night.

The Windsor hotel in Melbourne | © Suthikait/Shutterstock

11. Dalen Hotel, Telemark, Norway

The ghost which haunts the Dalen Hotel is a contentious figure. The story goes that in the 1800s a young English woman called Miss Greenfield came to stay with her infant child. The child died in suspicious circumstances and Miss Greenfield was tried for infanticide and executed. It’s believed that her ghost still haunts the hotel where the crime occurred and people have heard sounds from ‘The English Lady’ and her child coming from room 17. To this day, the hotel sets a table for its ghost and lights a candle for her.

Dalen Hotel | © Dalen Hotel/Flickr

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