The Best Ukrainian Fashion Brands To Add to Your Wardrobe

Models wearing pieces from VUNAs SS ’18 collection
Models wearing pieces from VUNA's SS ’18 collection | © VUNA
Maria Sibirtseva

The Ukrainian fashion industry is booming, but which are the best Ukrainian fashion brands to keep you looking stylish?

Ukrainian fashion often plays with national symbols and traditional costume, or uses the country’s historical background as a central theme of the brand, while focusing on the quality of the textiles and haberdashery. The made-in-Ukraine fashion industry is more than just a trend – these are the most stylish Ukrainian fashion brands to invest in.

The Lace

Created by married couple Albina and Igor Krasnyi in 2016, The Lace is the embodiment of femininity and refinement. Named for the material their first dresses were made from, the brand has come a long way from its small beginnings. Today, with a network of showrooms in Kiev and Lviv, The Lace offers exclusive apparel that often includes limited collections and unique, bespoke pieces to ensure your wardrobe is always original. Their FW 2018-19 collection presented during Lviv Fashion Week featured relaxed but elegant silhouettes and midi-length dresses, characterised by interesting prints and cuts.
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Since their inception in 2017, the Ukrainian brand VUNA has been pictured on model Alla Kostromichova as well as popular fashion bloggers like Vivian Hoorn, Tessa Barton, Alina Frendiy and Tanya Prentkovych. VUNA’s clothes are made to be worn and treasured for many seasons and constitute a reasonable and fashionable wardrobe investment. The brand always keeps up with the latest trends, designing unique silhouettes and using rich fabrics that are perfect for the pace of contemporary life.
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Varenyky Fashion

Among the most famous and iconic pieces of traditional Ukrainian clothing are the embroidered shirts known as vyshyvankas. These beautiful garments have a long history in Ukraine’s traditional national dress. Nowadays, these richly embroidered shirts are a leading trend for avid fashion followers. Home-grown brand Varenyky Fashion offers vyshyvankas in various colours and stylish shapes while preserving the handmade embroidery techniques as well as honouring the sacred meanings behind the patterns. A dress or a shirt created by Varenyky Fashion brand is more than just clothing – it acts as an amulet intended to protect, inspire and bring happiness to the wearer.
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Sleeper’s comfortable yet stylish collections, consisting of sleek robes, suits and dresses, are perfect for every occasion, including a lazy day at home, a professional business trip or for making an impression at the most fashion-forward party of the season. When the brand appeared in 2014, the founders Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva made the fashion of wearing pyjamas in everyday life acceptable. International media such as Fast Company, The New York Times and American Vogue have embraced the winning combination of style and comfort, and Sleeper’s fame has expanded far beyond Ukraine.
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Established in 2014 by Katerina Kvit and Oksana Golubchenko, T.Mosca is best known for its stylish and cosy basic clothes. The brand specialises in knitwear and features suits, sweaters, coats, dresses and skirts. Every item has a unique design, but the key unifying feature of the brand is the symbol of a small, handmade dragonfly that decorates every piece of the collection. As permanent participants of Ukrainian Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, T.Mosca’s aim as a brand is to impart femininity and comfort in every high-quality piece.
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Nadya Dzyak

Nadya Dzyak is a successful Ukrainian fashion brand that surprises with the architecturally inspired forms and unique signature prints, not to mention the striking use of clashing and coordinating colours in the pieces. The designer herself calls the philosophy of the brand “effortless chic”, an easy-going attitude that has led to the widespread popularity of these contemporary designs. Nadya Dzyak’s collections are not only featured in Ukraine’s most influential showrooms but also those around the world, including Studio Zeta in Milan.
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Ukrainian knitwear brand Nit.kA makes sure that their cosy, cuddly items are integral elements of every wardrobe. Adorned with Ukrainian traditional ornaments and embroidery, the pieces in the FW 2018-19 collection of Nit.kA are ideal for every situation, whether it’s taking a late-evening stroll with friends or curling up near the fire after Sunday lunch. Their cardigans and coats act as fashion pieces, powerful charms and incredible gifts for the fashion-conscious people in your life.
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