The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Şişli, Istanbul

Carrie Chan

While Şişli is often regarded as one of the upscale districts in Istanbul, there’s a lot more to it than just 5 star hotels and shopping malls. For a taste of Turkish culture, you can find impressive museums, churches and mosques all around this opulent district. Going to Şişli really is an experience of contemporary Turkish life. Read the following list of 10 things to do and see in Şişli to kick start your Şişli adventure.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

1. Atatürk Museum (Atatürk Müzesi)


The Court Pavilion in the gardens of Ihlamur Palace
© Lambiam/WikiCommons
Located on Halaskargazi Street, Atatürk Museum is a three story house museum painted in pink. Atatürk, the founder and the first President of the Republic of Turkey, first used the house for storage and residential purposes, but it was later changed to a museum to exhibit some of the personal belongings of Atatürk and depict his lifetime through historical documents and photographs. Since Atatürk did actually live and work in the house during significant historical events like the War of Independence and invasion of Istanbul, you will have a true experience of Atatürk’s life and Turkish history whilst visiting the museum.

2. Teşvikiye Mosque


İstanbul Askeri Müzesi
© Mirada/WikiCommons
Teşvikiye Mosque, located in Teşvikiye, was built during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecit I. Well known for its neo-baroque structure, the Mosque has elements of European architecture and is one of the signifying historical spots around the area. The white stone columns at the entrance of the Mosque are unique to Teşvikiye. The adornments inside the façade are reminiscent of the imperial family who once lived there.

3. Kanyon Shopping Mall (Kanyon Alışveriş Merkezi)

Park, Shopping Mall

Kanyon shopping mall, Levent, Istanbul, Turkey.
© Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo
Smaller and less daunting than its huge brother Cevahir, Kanyon Shopping Mall nonetheless provides a wide range of shops from globally reputable brands to top local brands, and from fine-dining restaurants to small cafés. But with its cool and modern architecture, it makes shopping here enjoyable on many levels. Putting together the nature elements through gardens and terraces, and the modern features through the interior structure, Kanyon Shopping Mall provides you with unique shopping experience and getaway at weekends. Round off your shopping day with open air performances at night.

4. Park Hyatt Hotel and Spa


If you find yourself feeling a little drained after so much sight-seeing and shopping, round off your trip with a pick-me-up visit to Park Wyatt. Their terrace pool is the perfect place for a leisurely swim with a view, which is perfectly followed by a visit to their in-house spa. Hyatt Spa features all the best facilities, including sauna, steamroom, hydrotherapy bath and even a juice bar to complete that ultimate cleansing experience! Feeling a little sinful after all that cleansing? Then treat yourself to a glass of the finest wine at their Wine Bar, or maybe an elegant dinner at their French and Mediterranean restaurant La Petite Maison.

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