The Most Unusual Things To Do in Zurich, Switzerland

Landesmuseum, Zürich, Switzerland
Landesmuseum, Zürich, Switzerland | Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash
Sean Mowbray

Zurich is the financial capital of Switzerland, so you’d expect it to be straight-laced and serious. However, if you scratch the surface, there are plenty of off-beat and unusual things to get up to in the city. But be prepared—you might not enjoy all of them.

Visit the Moulagenmuseum

The Moulagenmuseum is not for the weak of heart. Dedicated to the art of the moulage, mock-ups of diseases and injuries, the Moulagenmuseum is a hypochondriacs nightmare. Originally used as a way to train health professionals and share medical knowledge, the wax models now stand as a testament to the impact that diseases, such as cancer, syphilis and leprosy, can have on the human body. Around 600 wax figures are on show at the museum, which is considered to have among the most well-preserved and lifelike representation of moulages worldwide.

Zürich, Switzerland

Explore Pegasus Small World

The Pegasus Small World toy museum is dedicated to small toys dating back to the late 19th century. Among the collection of rare and altogether unusual are toy animals, dolls, model trains and a display of 700 Steiff teddy bears.

Eat Under a Canopy of Umbrellas at Gerold Chuchi

Gerold Chuchi Terasse ist offen. Burger und Pasta in der Sonne. #hiveclub #hive #geroldchuchi
Enjoy a meal under a terrace made entirely of umbrellas at Gerold Chuchi in Zurich’s Kreis 5 district. Each umbrella is made with a different design, so you can spend a couple hours admiring each one and wondering why they are there in the first place.

Enjoy a Drink by the Cargo Containers at Frau Gerold

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Bars with walls made of concrete are seemingly too traditional for the folks at Frau Gerolds Garten, where shipping containers have been set up to create the eclectic space, some of which contain the bars and kitchen or provide rooftop terraces. The bar is just one part of this sprawling area—Frau Gerolds also features a vegetable garden, a restaurant, a few shops and an art gallery.

Chill Out at a Badi-Bar

As soon as summer hits, Badi-Bars (open-air, waterside bars) pop up across Zurich to the delight of locals and tourists alike. Live music, poem readings and movie screenings abound at popular hangouts where you can relax with some food or a cocktail. Many of these bars are along the riverside or by the lake, so you can go for a dip if things get a little too hot.

Visit the Birthplace of Dadaism at Cabaret Voltaire

The birthplace of Dadaism is now a café and educational centre dedicated to this off-beat art movement. Dadaism emerged as a kickback against World War I and was made up of artists who steadfastly opposed capitalism. The resulting movement was a strange mix of expressionism and absurdism. Delve into the history of the movement at Cabaret Voltaire—just don’t expect to understand it all.

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