8 Startups in Switzerland To Watch Out For

© Pixies / Pixabay
© Pixies / Pixabay
Photo of Sean Mowbray
15 May 2017

Switzerland isn’t on many lists as a startup hub but despite its small population, it is still home to plenty of innovation and fresh ideas. Discover some of the startups that are shaking things up in the fields of health, to home security and everything in between.


The Ava bracelet allows women to track their ovulation cycle, or just learn more about their bodies. Worn while sleeping, the bracelet tracks nine physiological parameters and detects when the fertility cycle opens and closes. A smartphone app syncs with the bracelet and shows the wearer’s pulse rate, breathing rate, levels of stress and more. Ava was launched in the US in 2016 and hit European markets in early January.

Photo courtesy of Ava.


ComfyLight is a self-learning light bulb that offers comfort and home security rolled into one. Its integrated motion sensor turns lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave. When you are out, the light simulates your normal pattern of movement around the house to make it look like someone is in. A smartphone notification informs you immediately if this doesn’t deter intruders and there is a break in.


Ever wanted a freshly made tortilla, crepe or cookie but don’t want to go through the hassle of baking it? Zurich-based startup Flatev is solving that problem. Using small pods, the Flatev toaster bakes up your food in minutes and lets you decide how crispy it is. All the ingredients used are organic and gluten free and the pods are recyclable. The product is coming to markets in Summer 2017.


Born from a desire to protect civil liberties online, ProtonMail provides open-sourced encrypted email for the security conscious. All its mail servers are located in Switzerland and are protected by the country’s strict privacy laws. ProtonMail is the brainchild of a group of scientists and researchers who met while working at CERN.

End-to-end encryption secures your email, brought to you by scientists at CERN. Photo courtesy of ProtonMail


By providing universal access to agronomic knowledge, Lausanne-based Gamaya aims to make global agriculture sustainable. Hyperspectral imaging technology attached to drones combines with artificial intelligence to collect information and analyse it, providing farmers with a wealth of data about their crops that isn’t evident from the human perspective. The tech points out how farmers can cut costs, grow more crops and solve potential problems such as weeds, pests, disease and nutrient deficiency.

Gamaya's crop analysing drone in action. Photo courtest of Gamaya.


Biowatch was awarded first prize at the Swiss Fintech Convention in 2017 for their bio tracking wristwatch add-on. The Biowatch clips on to your standard wristwatch and is envisaged as the new go to method of identification, as it uses your unique vein pattern to prove that you are who say you are.


Wind turbines are a fine way of producing renewable energy, but they are also big and not so easy on the eye. TwingTec offers a way to produce clean energy without the need for masses of infrastructure. A rigid, fully-autonomous kite flies 300 metres up in the air and the circular motions it makes generates energy. TwingTec aims to bring clean, renewable energy to off-the-grid places.

TwingTec's drone technology aims to bring clean energy to remote areas. Photo courtesy of TwingTec

WildBiene + Partner

Globally, bees are in trouble. Wildbiene + Partner, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, is providing a solution in Switzerland by allowing people to adopt wild bee colonies. A BeeHome with 15 cocoons is delivered to homes and the bees pollinate surrounding plants and flowers in Spring, during Autumn the bees enter hibernation and the colonies can be sent back to be renovated. A new BeeHome is delivered over winter. Wildbiene + Partner also provides farmers with cocoons to help pollinate their crops.

Wildbiene + Partner let's anyone become an apiarist. | © Sumx / Pixabay


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