7 Things You Only Learn About Switzerland if You Live There

© Sarah_Loetscher/Pixabay
© Sarah_Loetscher/Pixabay
Photo of Sean Mowbray
31 October 2017

Switzerland is an appealing place to live: surrounded by nature, close to some of the world’s best winter destinations, and with an altogether comfortable way of life. We’ve identified seven things that you’ll only learn by living in Switzerland.

There’s a knack to eating fondue

Fondue is the national dish in Switzerland. That means there are a whole list of things you definitely should not do attached. If you want to be ahead of the game consult this handy guide on how to eat fondue like the Swiss.

Swiss wine is actually pretty good

It’s one of the great unknowns of Switzerland, but Swiss wine is actually not that bad. They don’t export a whole lot of it, so the best place to taste it is in-country.

It is possible that your train may be late, brace yourself | © farafina/ Pixabay

It’s a wonder Switzerland even exists

When you get to understand the inter-cantonal rivalries and frictions, you’ll probably wonder how on earth Switzerland has kept it all together for so long. There’s the big obvious face-off between the French-speaking and German-speaking people (with numerous stereotypes involved). Some cantons are known for their terrible driving, others for their drinking habits.

Expats are kind of annoying

The Swiss get a hard rap for being unfriendly and not particularly nice to foreigners. But living in Switzerland you begin to understand that, and may soon find yourself hating on expats just as much as your Swiss friends (if you have any, that is). At that point they’ll probably grant you an honorary Swiss passport.

Swiss trains are late, on occasion

Renowned for their impeccable timekeeping, the Swiss train network is reliable. But you’ll realise quickly that the proverbial faecal matter does happen, even here where you thought you were safe. The first time your train is late you’ll probably curse the fact that it’ll make you one minute late for your dinner. That’s just embarrassing.

Even in Switzerland people count their pennies | © Softcodex/ Pixabay

The streets are definitely not paved with gold

There’s a strange perception that Switzerland is a mega-rich country, which it is. But that doesn’t mean that Switzerland is a country full of mega-rich people. Sure, the world’s elites keep their cash stowed away in Swiss bank accounts, but many people also struggle to make ends meet. Swiss poverty may not be comparable to others around the world, but it is poverty nonetheless.

The law is out to get you

You learn to tread carefully in Switzerland, as things that sound like jokes turn out to be true. For instance, you shall not recycle on Sundays or you shall face time in jail (totally true); nor shall men urinate standing up after 10pm. These are straight-up things you can’t do in the Helvetic nation. Oh, and there are plenty more surprising laws where those came from.



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