Where You Can Skateboard in Malmo

Malmö has a booming skateboard culture |© Björn Söderqvist / Flickr
Malmö has a booming skateboard culture |© Björn Söderqvist / Flickr
Photo of Judi Lembke
5 May 2017

Malmö is a city made for skateboarding and it’s also a city that celebrates its thriving skateboard culture. There are a number of dedicated skate parks as well as plenty of street opportunities. Respect is the name of the game here so enjoy the scene but remember that the skateboard community works with the city. Here are the best places to skateboard in Malmö.


Built in 2005 with support from the City of Malmö, this is one of the great skate parks of the world. It was designed by skateboarders for skateboarders and offers excellent conditions and top challenges. In the warmer months this place is hopping—ask at the café about upcoming events.

Stapelbäddsparken is dedicated to skateboarding / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


Given the Swedish climate, having an indoor skatepark is a necessity, and 19 years ago Bryggeriet was born in a disused brewery. Once the biggest indoor skatepark in Europe, it still packs a punch, due to regular upgrades and renovations that improve conditions and incorporate new ideas. Bryggeriet is also home to the Skateboarding Association and hosts plenty of events as well as overseeing other parks, such as Stapelbäddsparken.


Known locally as Svampen (the Mushroom), the square outside the Malmö Art Centre is known as a street skateboarder’s paradise. It’s another example of how the city has embraced skateboarders, rather than running them out of town. The original benches got a bit destroyed so the City of Malmö reinforced them with granite to facilitate the scene. This is the place to meet up for long sessions in the summer sun.

Konsthallstorget for street boarding / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Oxie Skatepark

This very small park is found just outside Malmö, about 15 minutes from the center, and features unique obstacles and plenty of challenges. The park is located at the foot of a big hill, away from the urban grit of many of Malmö’s skateparks, so if you’re in the mood for a bit of an oasis, head here.

All ages skateboard in Malmö | ©Maria Eklind /Flickr

Sibbarp Skatepark

This 800-square-meter park began in the 90s as a series of wooden ramps that were maintained by Bryggeriet’s carpentry team. In 2008 it became a compact concrete park by the sea, with a bit of everything for everyone: the design is inspired by different elements in skateboarding history and there are plans afoot for growth.


A street spot that hits the sweet spot, with stairs, ledges, and plenty of flat ground. With the support of the City of Malmö, this classic skater’s gathering spot was given a facelift and at least once annually the square is taken over by skaters. In the meantime, mind the pedestrians as you do your thing.

Värnhemstorget is great for street skateboarding | ©stillbild / Flickr

Malmö Högskola

If you head over to the backside of Malmö Högskolan, you’ll discover one of Malmö’s classic spots by the water, with an incredible ledge that you’ll have to fight the sunbathers for. Get here early and you’ll have the place to yourself for at least a few hours.

The back of Malmö Högskola is wide open and ready / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Folkets Park

Two mini-ramps at Folkets Park attract opposite ends of the spectrum: the kids just starting out and the somewhat more mature skater either getting their feet wet again or trying for the first time. In early May there is “Folkets Miniramp Jam,” which kicks off the season.

Use this handy map to find the best spots to skateboard in Malmö:

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