The Top 7 Things To Do And See In Lund

Photo of Jasmina Kanuric
9 February 2017

Established around 990, Lund is one of the Sweden’s oldest cities. Lund is probably most known for its university and lively student life, but it is still very interesting for any visitor. The city is very green and in Lund’s close surroundings there are 28 natural reserves and many more parks and gardens. The city’s towering landmark is undoubtedly Lund Cathedral, built around 1100. Read on to discover the top 7 things to do and see in this Swedish city.

Kulturen I Courtesy of Kulturen


Kulturen is a charming open air museum that transports you back in time. Multiple historic buildings and gardens showcase city and country life in Lund from the Middle Ages to the beginnings of 20th century. The museum offers an insight into the lives of people from different social standings and in different times. The museum first opened in 1892 and is located around two blocks in Lund’s city center. The original museum has been expanded over the years to include historic houses in the area, as well as buildings moved here for preservation purposes.

Kulturen, Tegnérsplatsen, Lund, Sweden, +46 46 35 04 00

Lund Cathedral

Dating back to 1100, Lund Cathedral is one of the most visited churches in Sweden, with over 700,000 visitors coming through its doors each year. For the last 900 years, a service has been held here daily. The cathedral hosts various historically important objects, including a horological masterpiece from 1424. Horologium mirabili Lundense was made to observe time and date and is still in perfect working condition today. See the magnificent alter and choir oak stalls, dating back to 1400s.

Lunds domkyrka, Kyrkogatan 4, Lund, Sweden, +46 46 35 87 41

Botanical Garden

Lund’s Botanical Garden is located, surprisingly and refreshingly, in the center of the town. Spreading over eight hectares, and hosting around 7000 species, a visit to this garden is a must if you love flowers. The beginnings of the botanical gardens in Lund date back to 1600s, and the current one has been in the same place for the last 110 years. Visit here to escape the city life and enjoy a walk in nature. During summer months there is a café working in the garden.

Botanical Gardens, Östra Vallgatan 20, Lund, Sweden, +46 46 222 73 20

The Historical Museum

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Visit the second largest archaeological museum in Sweden – The Historical Museum. The museum offers insight into the life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages and shows medieval art from Scania. Their most notable collections include Killian Stobaeus’ Cabinet of Curiosities and excavated findings from Uppåkra, a city from the Iron Age. Don’t miss a stop at the coin cabinet exhibition, where you can see almost 40,000 coins, medallions and bank notes. In Fall, the museum opened a new exhibition named Sacred objects and religious matters.

Högevall – water park

Högevall is one of the most popular swimming resorts in Lund. If you like adventures and challenges, a trip to Högevall should be on the top of your to do list. Slide down a 123 meter long water slide, with a 10 meter vertical drop,; enjoy a bumpy ride down wild waterfalls or try climbing up a pool wall…in case you fall, don’t be afraid, there’s water underneath to soften your fall. They also have a sauna, for those who prefer their nautical experiences to be relaxing.

Högevall, Högevallsgatan 1, Lund, Sweden, +46 46 35 52 17

The Holy Cross Church of Dalby

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Lund Rinnebäcksravinen
Lund Rinnebäcksravinen | © Anders Lagerås/WikiCommons
Visit the Holy Cross Church of Dalby and see the oldest preserved stone church in Scandinavia. Built around 1060s, the Dalby Church was reconstructed several times over the centuries, and was reconstructed in the style you see today in the 1800s. Outside on the east side, where there is a garden today, you can still see the visible markings to where the church was expanded at its peak. See the carved wooden statue of St. Olaf, dating back to 1500s.


With its 28 nature reserves and multiple city parks, Lund can be considered a very green city. For the fans of hiking, a day trip to Rinnebäck ravine is a perfect city getaway. Located on the western edge of Lund, Rinnebäck offers stunning views, rich flora and a calm atmosphere. This was one of the first nature reserves in Lund. Pedestrian and bicycle pathways are located on the southern edge of the park. Pack a lunch basket with you, find a perfect spot and enjoy a tasty picnic.

Rinnebäcksravinen, Tage Erlanders väg 73, Lund, Sweden