Stockholm's Most Exciting Short Courses

Stockholm has many exciting courses | © Pixabay
Stockholm has many exciting courses | © Pixabay
Photo of Jozef Brodala
16 February 2018

There are a number of wonderful places to visit and things to do in Stockholm. The city has many classic sights, from the town hall to Gamla Stan to the Vasa Museum. However, sometimes it can be interesting to do something a little different when you visit a city, something new and unusual—perhaps even learn a skill. No matter your interest, Stockholm has an exciting and innovative course for you to try out. These are eleven of the best.


Stockholm is known for its high alcohol prices.This course can help you to understand how not to waste any of it and how to create fun and unique drinks to impress your friends. It is hosted by the European Bartender School, which has several different schools across Europe. They do everything from a two-day mixology class to an International bartender course which lasts for a month and includes around 100 hours of teaching. The mixology course aims to be easy to understand and light-hearted so if you want to learn to make a knockout martini, it is the perfect place for you.

European Bartender School Stockholm, Luntmakargatan 36, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8121 111 82


A wonderful way to explore Swedish cuisine and Swedish cooking methods—this course not only gives you the chance to learn how to make food but also to sample some. You are taught by a top chef in their state-of-the-art kitchen, making the course very professional and a great learning opportunity. At the end, you get to enjoy a two-course meal, which usually includes a dish of elk meatballs, juniper berry sauce, pickled cucumber, and lingonberry jam. It is a classic Swedish recipe and one which will wow your friends when you make it for them.

Stockholm Our Way, Hornstulls Strand 9, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8410 773 30

Stockholm Salsa

Stockholm might not seem like the place to learn a dance so richly associated with warmer climes. However, Sweden has become home to people from across the world, making it a city that loves to learn and explore other cultures. The Stockholm Salsa school offers a range of different courses, including drop-in lessons, private tuition, and, if you are going to be in the city for a while, whole semester courses. It is a great activity for warming up during Sweden’s cold nights.

Stockholm Salsa, Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 13, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 821 24 22

Ice skating

When the temperature drops below freezing and hat and gloves become essential, many Stockholmers love to hit the ice and skate. This means there is ample opportunity for visitors to try out the wide range of public ice skating rinks across the city. However, if you want to learn how to skate or want to improve your technique, then there is an excellent club a little way out of the city called DASK. DASK has a skating school for people of all ages and levels—they can even do intense lessons. They also have an ice hockey school for anyone who wants to try one of Sweden’s most popular sports.

DASK, Konståkning Stockhagens IP, Stocksund, Sweden, +46 8755 82 18


Fotografiska is one of the best photography art galleries in Europe. It has been so successful that they will be opening a second branch in London. It is popular for its wonderful exhibitions and its superb restaurant, which was honored as the best gallery restaurant in the world. They offer three main courses, one for beginners, one for more advanced shooters, and a course about taking photographs with your mobile phone. If you want to learn from one of the most innovative places for photography in Europe, then these courses are ideal.

Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8509 005 00


Stockholm’s Summers are cherished and treasured by Stockholmers, as they bring the opportunity to spend time outside and to enjoy the sun before it begins to disappear as the colder months arrive. This means that they try and enjoy Summer to the fullest, with all kinds of outdoor sports and games on offer. One of the most fun is Kitesurfing, and Stockholm Kiteboard centre offers classes every day from April 1-November 1. They are led by professional instructors and all the equipment is provided. If you want something more in depth, they also do two- and three-day courses.

Stockholm Kiteboard centre, Vanadisvägen 21, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 70 046 40 42


If you are going to a new place, it can be very exciting to learn a totally new skill and for most people, floristry would be just that. On each course, you get the opportunity to learn about different flowers, various techniques for preparing bouquets, and how to best look after your creations. They have both quick evening classes that take around two and a half hours, as well as full-day courses, which go into far more depth. If you are looking for a special and unique way to spend your time in Stockholm, then this may be perfect.

Florist Utbildarna, Transportvägen 7, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 2135 80 90

Screen printing

Down in the south of the city in a suburb called Skarpnack, there is a wonderful community center run by the city and called Skarpnack Kulturhus. It is a great resource that puts on plays and art shows, has a library, café, and after-school clubs. On top of that, there is a superb screen printing course, which can teach you all about what screen printing is and how it is done, following which you can try your hand at it. It takes around five hours and is taught by Klara Höglin, who has a great deal of experience with screen printing.

Kulturhus Skarpnack, Skarpnacks Allé 25, Skarpnack, Sweden, +46 8508 172 14

African dancing

If Salsa isn’t your thing, but you still want to brighten up the dark Swedish nights through dance, then a course in African dance might just be the ticket for you. Held by Urkraft, Stockholm’s leading school of African dance, there are have weeks where you can try any of their courses to get a feel and learn what they cover in their longer courses. If you are just in Stockholm for a short time you can go along and just do one part of what would be a longer course.

You’ll be dancing the night away | © Pexels


Stockholm is made up of 14 different islands and also features many more in its beautiful archipelago. This means that Stockholmers feel a certain affinity with the water and a desire to explore it more. One of the best ways to do that is by learning to dive. Team Divers has short courses where you learn in a swimming pool, as well as longer-term courses where you get to go on excursions. All of their courses are certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, which means that you end the courses with a qualification in diving.

Stockholm is surrounded by beautiful water, so it’s no surprise people want to jump in | © David Sanz/Flickr

Klingon culture

Part theatrical performance and part course, Visit Qo’nos in the south of Stockholm is an innovative, tongue-in-cheek, unique experience where you can discover and learn more about the Klingons‰one of the main antagonists in Star Trek. It is held in Karrtorp, a Stockholm suburb, at Turteatern, and features talks about Klingon culture as well as food tastings, musical performances, and the opportunity to learn tips about how to safely interact with Klingons. Whether you are a Star Trek fan or not, Visit Qo’nos is the chance to do something special.

Part course and part theatrical experience | Courtesy of Turteatern

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