18 Photos That Show the Winter Paradise of Swedish Lapland

The Northern Lights | © Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer/WikiCommons
The Northern Lights | © Jerry MagnuM Porsbjer/WikiCommons
Swedish Lapland is a place of magic, particularly in winter, when the sun briefly peeks above the horizon before slipping back out of site, leaving an eerie light reflecting off the snow. Reindeer, dog sleds, skiing, whole cities that have been moved, the indigenous Sami – it all adds up to a remote part of the world that is full of life. Here’s a taste to whet your appetite for Lapland in Sweden.

Off-piste skiing is extraordinary

Off list ©Henrik Trygg/Imagebank.sweden.se

The sunrise is brief and colourful

Sunrise in Lapland ©charley1965 / Flickr

Ice sculpting is a true art form

Ice sculpture ©Asaf Kliger/Icehotel/imagebank.sweden.se

Ferry across Lake Ladtjojaure

Lake Ladtjojaure ©Fredrik Broman/imagebank.sweden.se

White reindeer camouflage themselves well

White reindeer ©Lars Falkdalen Lindahl / Flickr

The aurora borealis remains enchanting

Aurora brealis ©imagea.org / Flickr

Sami children in traditional dress

Sami children ©lola_akinmade_åkerström / Courtesy of Sweden Image Bank

Belly up to the ice bar

Ice bar ©Asaf Kliger/Icehotel/imagebank.sweden.se

Vast open spaces to explore on your snow mobile

Snowmobiling at sunset / Photo courtesy of Max Pixel

Dog sledding across the tundra

Sled dogs in Abisko National Park ©guido da rozze / Flickr

Sunset on the ice

Sunset on the ice ©Stylva / Flickr

Building a unique ice hotel every year

Building the ice hotel ©Asaf Kliger/Icehotel/imagebank.sweden.se

Transport by reindeer

Sami lapland ©Staffan Widstrand/imagebank.sweden.se

The utterly unique Tree Hotel

Tree hotel ©Lola Akinmade Åkerström/imagebank.sweden.se

Riksgränsen buried in snow

Riksgränsen, Sweden ©Helena Wahlman/imagebank.sweden.se

No football until spring

Playtime is over until spring / Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Feeding the reindeer

Reindeer ©Lola Akinmade Åkerström/imagebank.sweden.se

A solitary church at sunset

A church in Lappland at sunset / Photo courtesy of Pixabay