The Top Art Galleries in Almeria, Spain

Works by the Catalan surrealist Joan Miró can be enjoyed in Almeria's galleries | © Mike Steele/flickr
Works by the Catalan surrealist Joan Miró can be enjoyed in Almeria's galleries | © Mike Steele/flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
17 January 2018

Almeria boasts a number of excellent art galleries, showcasing Spanish masters such as Goya and Picasso as well as work by leading contemporary artists. Read on for our pick of the top galleries to visit in this beautiful Andalusian city.

Centro Andaluz de Fotografia

As its name suggests, this art gallery and museum is dedicated to the medium of photography, with work by some of the art’s greatest living practitioners displayed in a series of whitewashed, spacious exhibition rooms. There is also usually a temporary show on at the Andalusian Centre of Photography, so it’s well worth stopping by and seeing what’s on.

Trino Tortosa Gallery

Art Gallery
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According to the high-flown prose on its website, the Trino Tortosa Gallery is dedicated solely to “true works of art”. In accordance with that guiding principle, the pieces displayed as part of the gallery’s permanent collection are by some of Spain’s most revered artists, including Goya, Picasso, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró, another 20th century surrealist from Catalonia.

Museo de Arte de Doña Pakyta (Museo de Arte de Almeria)

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Almeria’s Doña Pakyta gallery is one of the two collections that jointly constitute the Museo de Arte de Almeria, and is often referred to as that museum’s “2nd space”. It is situated in a beautiful Basque-Style house and focuses on work by Almerian artists from the 1880s to the 1970s, in particular on the works of the Indaliano Group, who were working in the city in the 1940s and 50s.

Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte de Almeria)

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Museum of Almeria, Carretera de Ronda
Museum of Almeria, Carretera de Ronda | © Valdavia/WikiCommons
The other half of Almeria’s Art Museum is found in a striking modernist building next to the city’s town hall. The focal point of this collection is art from 1980 to the present day; in particular, it takes a detailed look at the works of Madrid-born artist Antonio Lopez Garcia (b. 1936), who has been hailed by some critics as the greatest realist painter alive.

MECA (Mediterráneo Centro Artístico)

Founded in 1987, MECA is a dynamic organisation and gallery that is dedicated to “improving the foundations of contemporary artistic culture”. To this end, it arranges exhibitions by leading national and international contemporary artists, as well as workshops, art fairs and conferences. Its Almeria gallery is in the city centre, but MECA has also arranged art events in countries such as Japan and Brazil.

11 Calle Navarro Darax, Almeria, Spain, +34 620 93 85 15

Galeria de Arte Jover

If you want to find out what Almeria’s most innovative up-and-coming artists are up to, head to the Jover Gallery in the city centre. The specialism here is work by local talent “without exclusions”, so you can see an eclectic mix of styles and mediums at Jover’s temporary exhibitions. It lacks a real web presence, so drop by or call up to see what’s on display when you’re visiting Almeria.

13 Calle Regocijos, Almeria, Spain, +34 639 77 50 65


You can admire works by Salvador Dalí at some of Almeria’s best galleries| © thierry ehrmann/flickr

Galeria de Arte Argar

Located up the road from the Doña Pakyta collection, just off the leafy Avenida Federico García Lorca, is the Argar Gallery. Though one of the smaller spaces featured here, it is well worth a visit, showcasing as it does work by leading contemporary artists from Almeria and beyond. Again, it doesn’t have a great online presence, so stop in or call up for information about exhibits.

9 Calle General Tamayo, Almeria, Spain, +34 950 25 55 20