The Sexiest Sandwich Spots in Barcelona

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CC0 Pixabay
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27 September 2017

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s just no beating a well-filled, freshly-made sandwich – even when you’re in a foodie capital like Barcelona! Whether you’re looking for a juicy burger or something a little more local, these are some of the best sandwich spots in the Catalan capital which won’t fail to hit the spot.

Maoz Vegetarian

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A Maoz sandwich
A Maoz sandwich | © Anne Helmond

A vegetarian sandwich shop, Maoz specialise in the little balls of goodness that are falafel. Order your meal at the counter and the chef will prepare your falafel to order. Then all you have to do is concentrate on getting as many salads, sauces and garnishes into your pita bread to create your dream sandwich.

Bo de B

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Can a sandwich be so good that it has its own hashtag? Yep. The #Famousbocadillo is the reason there’s a queue round the block every day outside Bo de B. Extremely well-priced, made to order using fresh ingredients and packed to the point of near explosion, the sandwiches can be tailored to your own tastes with meat, fish and vegetarian options available.

Bacoa Burger

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A burger at Bacoa
A burger at Bacoa | © Jorge Franganillo / Flickr

Kisoco is the place that introduced Barcelona to gourmet burgers. Today the empire has grown under the name Bacoa burger and there are a number of these popular burger joints across the city. Made with organic Spanish meat and home-made buns, sauces and pickles, these are still the best burgers in Barcelona.

Bodega Montferry

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Simple but delicious: Spanish tapas
Simple but delicious: Spanish tapas | © ecodallaluna

Located in the hear of Sants, well away from the usual tourist track, the Bodega Montferry is an old-school Spanish bodega which has also become known for its amazing sandwiches. Aside from the regular menu including meatball sandwiches, tortilla sandwiches and cured meat sandwiches, the ‘sandwich of the day’ is nearly always a show-stopper.


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Slow food and craft beer
Slow food and craft beer | Courtesy of Chivuo's

The tagline at Chivuo’s is ‘slow food and craft beer’ which very much sums up what you can expect from this independent sandwich shop in the Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona. The slow food movement is about taking the time to source and work with wholesome ingredients and make things from scratch – a rejection of the ‘fast food’ trend. The result is mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches in fluffy brioche buns or a tuna melt sandwich like you’ve never quite tried before.


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One of the first places to open on this popular street in Sant Antoni, Café Cometa is a cozy café and trendy brunch spot serving dreamy sandwiches, freshly-baked cakes and home-made juices. The sandwiches are all made to order, both hot and cold, and tend to feature thick slices of avocado, drizzles of pesto and the odd spinach leaf – although the straight-forward bikini (ham and cheese toastie) is also worth a try.


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The Sagàs shop
The Sagàs shop | © Joselu Blanco

What happens when a Michelin-starred chef decides to open his own sandwich place? Sagàs does. The shop’s concept is to create gourmet sandwiches using artisan-made local ingredients. There are some fairly classic combos, such as ham and mustard, but also some more modern and creative ones – try the Vietnamese style pork banh mi.