The Best Affordable Italian Restaurants in Barcelona

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Barcelona may be famous for its Spanish tapas and modern cuisine but there are times when nothing will beat a classic Italian feast. Whether you’re craving a well-topped pizza or a comforting bowl of home-made pasta, these Italian restaurants will satisfy your appetite without breaking the bank.

1. La Bella Napoli

Restaurant, Italian

La Bella Napoli, Barcelona
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This is everything you could want from a neighbourhood Italian restaurant: classic Italian dishes, lively service and a crisp white table cloth. Located in the Poble Sec neighbourhood, their reputation for serving honest Italian dishes attracts locals from across the city. In addition to pizza and pasta dishes – some of which are home-made – they also serve a selection of meat dishes too.

2. Pizza del Sortidor

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian

La Pizza del Sortidor Poble Sec, Barcelona
A thin-base pizza CC0 Pixabay

This is a top contender for the best pizza in Barcelona, and you can tell by the size of the queue outside the door pretty much any day of the week. Fortunately service is fast, friendly and you’ll usually be sat down in no time. The pizzas are all cooked over a wood-fired oven in the back of the room and have a thin, crisp base topped with just the right amount of fresh ingredients. If you still have room after the meal, the tiramisu is definitely worth a try.

3. La Cuina de la Mama

Restaurant, Italian

Stuffed aubergine CC0 Pixabay

As its name suggests, the aim at La Cuina del la Mama – ‘The Mother’s Kitchen’ – is to make guests feel like they’ve stepped inside a traditional Italian home and are being cared for by the loving matriarch. The menu of course includes pizza and pasta but also home-made stews, stuffed aubergines as well as Argentine empanadas. The place is cozy and warm and tables are few in number so it easily gains a friendly buzz.

4. Focacceria Toscana

Restaurant, Pizzeria, Italian

Focacceria Toscana Pizza al Taglio, Barcelona
A fresh focaccia CC0 Pixabay

Serious about your Italian food? Know your focaccia from your pizza? Then this little family-run focacceria located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter is worth checking out. At Focacceria Toscana you’ll find crisp, thin-based pizzas and fresh, fluffy focaccia topped with a variety of different combinations – some classic, some more adventurous. Pizza is sold by the slice and so perfect when you need a light-bite and although most people take their food to go there are seats at the counter, if you’d rather sit down and enjoy your meal.

5. La Pimpa

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Mediterranean, Italian

La Pimpa, Barcelona
Home-made tiramisu CC0 Pixabay

This cheap-and-cheerful Italian restaurant is off the beaten track, located in the often overlooked neighbourhood of Les Corts. But among locals it’s something of a cherished favourite, most appreciated for its affordable lunch-time menus starting from just €7. While for just €10.50 you can get a starter, a bowl of home-made pasta, a dessert and a drink. The staff are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is always relaxed and welcoming.

6. Gusto del Born

Pizzeria, Restaurant, Italian

Gusto del Born, Barcelona
Fresh pizza on its way CC0 Pixabay

This is something of an institution in El Born as locals know that they can always rely on Gusto del Born to have a fresh slice of pizza or wedge of lasagna ready when they need it. Located on the main avenue, Passeig del Born, this casual Italian eatery serves a selection of pizzas, focaccia, as well as a different pasta dish everyday. The selection of different pizza toppings is varied and there are salads available too for those who prefer something lighter.

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